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Between 1835 and 1910

Bay of Islands

ShipPort DepSailedPort ArrArrivedCaptainNotesPassenger ListsOther Details
NimrodSydney29-Jan-1837Bay of Islands22-Feb-1837BennettPassengers - Gordon A Thompson Esq., Mrs Irvine & family, Mrs Harwood & family and George Domingo.

NimrodSydney07-Jun-1837Bay of Islands
BennettPassengers - Mr Edward Williams, Mr Henry Kemp and Mrs Butler & two children.

AchillesSydney31-Aug-1839Bay of Islands
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ArielSydney26-Feb-1840Bay of Islands
MulhollandPassengers - Capt. Leitch, Messrs Perry, Harris, Smith, W Jones, W Webster, H Brown & 2 NZ'rs

WestminsterSydney04-May-1840Bay of Islands17-Mar-1840Mollison.

NereusSydney01-Oct-1840Bay of Islands
ChapmanPassengers - Mr Taber & Capt Hodges

ArielSydney01-Dec-1840Bay of Islands17-Jan-1840Stewart.

ArielSydney19-Dec-1840Bay of Islands29-Dec-1840Mulholland.

ArielSydney27-Mar-1841Bay of Islands
MulhollandPassengers - Mr & Mrs Leech and son, Mr Stewart, Mr Brodie, Mr McLeod, and 14 in the steerage.

OrotavaSydney31-Dec-1844Bay of Islands

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