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The ZAMBESI departed London, (date unknown) arriving in Lyttelton on 20 September, 1863. Captain McNeil was in command.


Transcribed from the Press, 21 September 1863, Page 2


Sept. 20, Zambesi, ship, 1089 tons, McNeil, from London.

Passengers (cabin) -

Mr. and Mrs. Martin,

Mr. and Mrs. Twigger,

Mr. and Mrs. J Robinson and family,

Mr. and Mrs. Crosby,

Misses Sarah Crosby and Jane Dickson,

Messrs. Fitzgerald, Lake, Bisdee, Napper, and O'Neill.

2nd cabin -

Mr., Mrs., and Miss Ballestiee,

Edmund and Esther Wheeler,

Sarah Ann and Edward Wheeler,

Samuel Hamman,

Charles and William Zouch,

Thomas Cannon,

James Kew,

Isaac Anstley,

George Taylor,

Henry Derry,

Duncan and Mary Cameron,

Ewen and Jane Cameron,

William E. Bain,

Charles Walter,

John Longhurst,

James Rigg,

E. Blakeway,

William Grimmer,

John Mortlock,

Isabella Sewell,

Hannah Walker,

Martha Millan,

John Farcombe.

Steerage -

Michael and Bridget Lhanaha,

Edward King,

Mrs. Davenport,

Robert Carmichael,

Jane Carmichael,

Thomas Carmichael,

James and Jane Carmichael,

Wm. Johnstone,

A. Loggan,

Alexander Pinkerton,

John Stenson,

John Norman,

John Hebden,

G. Lewis,

John and Agnes Andrew,

Thomas Chamberlain,

James Little,

William Manns,

Robert Beck,

James Adams,

William Brittan,

George Heywood,

John Hill,

Francis Strong,

Joseph Ramm,

William Blackburn,

George Hutchins,

Dr. Heelis, Surgeon.


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