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The Wave Queen departed London on 20 June, 1882 and arrived at Auckland on 5 October, 1882, with Captain Kelly in command.

Transcribed from the new Zealand Herald, for Friday, 6 October, 1882.



Early yesterday afternoon a barque was signalled at the Victoria Flagstaff as being outside Tiritiri, and at about noon the numbers of the vessel were hoisted, which showed her to be the Wave Queen, from London, owned by Messrs. Shaw Savill and Co. She brings a number of cabin and steerage passenger, together with a full cargo of general merchandise, valued at 18,400, consigned to Messrs. Owen and Graham. She left London on June 20, and appears to have had a fair weather voyage, which has occupied 107 days. The passengers speak highly of the treatment received both from Captain Kelly and the officers, and are thoroughly pleased with the passage. The captain reports leaving London on June 20, with light westerly breezes down the Channel, and thence light variable winds till taking the N.E. trades, which were dropped in lat. 15 22 N. On July 13th St. Antonio was sighted. The Equator was crossed in Long. 24deg. 32min. west on July 30th. Had light and moderate winds down to the Cape of Good Hope on August 26 in Lat. 40 56, then strong northerly breezes in running down the easting. The Three Kings were sighted on Tuesday at 6 a.m., and strong westerly breezes were carried down the coast to arrival last evening. The vessel anchored off the Queenstreet Wharf at 6.15 p.m., but as the Health Officer had not gone on board, the passengers were unable to land. She will probably be brought alongaide the Queen-street Wharf tomorrow.


J. Galbraith, Mrs Galbraith, Mr John Galbraith, Mr R. Galbraith, Mr J. Galbraith, and Miss Rose Galbraith,

Second Cabin:

Mr D. Linnell and Mr H. Brooks.


Louis Lerney, Mrs Lerney, Ethel Lerney, Louis Lerney, Euphrosyne Lerney, John Hendry, William Hendry, James Freem, Mrs E. Freem, John Atkinson, Barbara Nettingham, Alfred Nettingham, Mary Nettingham, Robert Shaw, Ann Shaw, Jane Shaw, Sarah Shaw, D. McLeod, Kegia Turnbull, James Menzies, Daniel Hogan, Bridget Hogan, and Herbert Power.



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