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The WARWICK departed London on 11 October, 1874 and arrived in Auckland, 102 days
later, on 22 January, 1875, in command of Captain James Skinner.

Transcribed from the Daily Southern Cross, for Saturday, 23 January, 1875, Page 2



The fine iron ship Warwick, under the command of Captain James Skinner, who visited this port some two years back, arrived in harbour
yesterday after a passage of 102 days. The Warwick, besides bringing a full general cargo and several saloon passengers, also has on
board 216 (adult) immigrants. The immigrants were under the charge of Dr. W. P. Nesbitt, (who visited this port in the ship Queen Bee,
in a similar capacity). shortly after the vessel rounded the North Head, she was boarded by the Health Officer, Dr. Philson, and the
 Immigration Officer; a clean bill of health was given to her. From the ship's log we learn that nothing worthy of note occurred during the
passage, she having had a fine weather passage throughout. The Warwick left London on October 11, and crossed the equator on
November 11, and made the Three Kings on January 18. Light winds prevailed down the coast. The following births and deaths occurred
during the passage:- Deaths: January 8, Michael Donoher, aged 42, of obstruction of the bowel; on November 2, Alfred Bundy, aged 11
months, of measles; on December 24, James Summers, aged two years, of diarrhea; on December 26, Ellen M. Wamill, aged 15 days.
Births: On December 11, the wife of Frederick Burke, of a daughter; and on January 2, the wife of John Luvreal, of a son (stillborn.) The
The ship will be berthed at the Queen street wharf, to discharge her cargo early in the ensuing week. The following is a list of the

This passenger list was transcribed from the images on the Family Search website.


Gender Age County Occupation Remarks

Families & Children

ABBOTT Charles S male 27 Edinburgh Joiner

Emma female 25

ALLWOOD Thomas male 23 Sussex Carpenter

Jane female 21

ARMS John male 29 Beds Farm Labourer

Dorcas female 33

George male 4

Albert J male 3

ARTHA Jno. A male 24 Cornwall Labourer

Christina female 24

BERRYMAN Charles male 26 Wilts Labourer

Dinah female 22

BIRD Alfred male 34 Warwickshire Bricklayer

Esther female 29

BOND John male 37 Gloucestershire Farm Labourer

Ellen female 23

William male 2

Lydia female 3m

BONE William male 32 Hants Painter

Emma female 33

BOURKE Jeremiah L male 23 Jersey Carpenter

Elizth. J female 24

Percy W male 1

BUNDY Edward male 27 Surrey Bootmaker

Eliza female 25

Edwd. Jas. male 5

Alfred 10m

CLAYDON William male 23 Oxon Farm Labourer

Susan female 29

COTTON William male 25 Middlesex Bricklayer

Emily female 23

Alfred T male 5m

DANAHER Michael male 42 Clare Farm Labourer

Mary female 33

Michael male 16 Clare Farm Labourer

Mary A female 14 Clare

Patrick male 12 Clare

Johanna female 8

Bridget female 6

Margt. female 3

DEVITT Michael male 37 Cork Farm Labourer

Ellen female 30

Arthur male 5

Mary female 2

John male 6m

DRYLAND Williams male 23 Warwickshire Gardener

Mary J female 23

Albert male 3

Fredk. male 2

EDE William male 31 Lanarkshire Farm Labourer

Sarah female 30

Emily female 9

John male 5

GANDIN Honore male 33 France Vine Grower

Sarah A female 30

GRIFFIN Jonathan male 26 Cornwall Mine Labourer

Emily female 27

Jessie female 6

Ellen female 5

John male 2

Louis male 6m

HAMMOND David male 39 Wilts Plumber

Jane female 39

Charles male 17 Wilts Labourer

Sarah female 15 Wilts

Emily female 13 Wilts

Frederic male 12 Wilts

John male 9

William male 6

James male 3

HERVEND Alfred male 39 France Farm Labourer

Anne M female 37

HITCHCOCK Wm. male 29 Notts Tailor

Clara female 29

Fred male 4

Margt. female 15m

HOLTHAM John male 35 Warwickshire Bricklayer

Emma female 33

William male 14 Warwickshire

Emma female 12 Warwickshire

Ellen female 9

Mary female 7

Fanny female 3

John male 10m

JAMES William male 40 Cornwall Labourer

Edith female 30

KILFOYLE John male 34 Derry Farm Labourer

Ravina female 32

James male 13 Derry

Michael male 11

Mary J female 5

Elizth. female 3

KNIGHT Thomas male 33 Hants Farm Labourer

Jane female 25

James male 7

LOWE James male 27 Norfolk Labourer

Emma female 25

LOWRY Daniel male 34 Kerry Farm Labourer

Honora female 24

James male 7

Carbery male 6

Mary female 11m

MCFARLAND James male 37 Derry Farm Labourer

Jane female 37

Eliza female 18 Derry Servant

Andrew male 16 Derry Farm Labourer

William male 14 Derry

Isabella female 13 Derry

Mary A female 10

Eleanor female 7

John male 4

NEAL Henry male 21 Warwickshire Wood Turner

Annie female 21

OGDEN William male 27 Oxon Gl. Labourer

Kate female 27

PAGE Samuel male 40 Sufolk Labourer

Susan A female 30

PALMER William male 25 Middlesex Carpenter

Maria female 22

William male 1

PATE George male 30 Sussex Smith

Sarah A female 27

Clara J female 4

Geo. Wm. male 2

PRESTON Thomas male 40 Leicestershire Tailor

Maria female 32

Willie male 8

Jno. F male 6

Frank J male 4

Mary A female 2

ROBB James male 26 Aberdeenshire House Painter

Margt. female 27

John male 5

James male 2

ROGERS Henry male 36 Cornwall Miner

Mary J female 36

Elizth. female 14 Cornwall

Henry male 12 Cornwall

John male 5

Jane female 3

James male 9m

ROWE Mark male 33 Cornwall Miner

Eliza female 32

Amelia A female 11

Wm. Jno. male 8

Eliza female 5

Annie B female 1m

STATHAM George male 41 Derbyshire Ploughman

Margt. female 44

Ruth female 18 Derbyshire Servant

SUMMERS Robt. male 32 Tipperary Farm Labourer

Margt. female 30

Thomas male 8

Daniel male 6

James male 16m

TAYLOR John male 29 Surrey Mason

Sophia female 28

Sophia female 6

Ada E female 3

Edith female 4m

TURVERY John male 28 Oxon Farm Labourer

Hannah female 26

Jno. T male 3

TURVERY Richard male 26 Oxon Farm Labourer

Emma female 36

Lizzie female 5

Kate female 3

WALTERS William male 38 Hereford Farm Labourer

Sarah female 38

William male 8

WEBSTER Charles male 28 Essex Gardener

Emily female 28

Walter I male 4

Ernest C male 1

WEST William male 47 Oxon Labourer

Elizth. female 43

Sarah female 15 Oxon

Walter male 12 Oxon

Sidney male 10

Mary female 7

Thomas male 5

Albert male 2

WILLIAMS Jos. T male 33 Cornwall Farm Labourer

Selina female 30

Jos. Jno. male 12 Cornwall

Selina B female 10

Fred male 8

Thos. Hy. male 5

William male 1

Single Men

ANSELL William male 26 Kent Bricklayer

BATEMAN James male 21 I. of Man Mine Labourer

BURCHELL Arthur male 20 Oxon Labourer

BROCK Moses male 24 Hants Shoemaker

CLEMENTS Henry male 21 Derry Farm Labourer

CONNOR Charles male 25 Kerry Farm Labourer

Timothy male 16

COX Jesse male 35 Wilts Labourer

DAWKES Daniel male 19 Oxon Labourer

DEE Michael male 24 Kerry Labourer

DYKE Alfred male 22 Gloucestershire Gl. Labourer

GILBERT John male 28 Staffordshire Carpenter

GREGG Henry male 21 Middlesex Labourer

HAYWOOD John male 21 Durham Navvy

HEMMING James male 21 Gloucestershire Gardener

HERLIHY David male 17 Kerry Labourer

JOHNS Charles male 21 Cornwall Farm Labourer

LEESON John male 38 Kilkenny Blacksmith

LIDDIARD Geo. male 21 Wilts Farm Labourer

LYLE Fred. male 28 Cornwall Farm Labourer

MANN George male 21 Cornwall Farm Labourer

McCORMICK Wm. J male 21 Cork Farm Labourer

MORRIS George male 23 Norfolk Farm Labourer

MUNDY Wm. male 24 Cornwall Farm Labourer

NEESON John male 20 Tyrone Farm Labourer

NORWOOD Robt. male 24 Durham Labourer

NUNN Geo. Hy. male 20 Middlesex Labourer

PAUL Wm. S male 19 Middlesex Carpenter

ROBERTSON Alex. male 20 Inverness Farm Labourer

ROWE Wm. Jno. male 21 Cornwall Miner

SWAN John male 58 Peebleshire Joiner

Thomas male 23 Peebleshire Gunsmith

TAVENDALE David male 21 Forfar Farm Labourer

TAYLOR Thomas male 25 Gloucestershire Carpenter

WALLISH Mathias male 21 Cornwall Farm Labourer

WEST Charles male 19 Oxon Labourer

Single Women

AHERN Mary female 34 Cork Nurse Matron

Margt. female 16 Cork Housemaid

Ellen female 15 Cork Housemaid

BERMINGHAM Elizth. female 19 Clare Gl. Servant

BOHAN Ann female 21 Leitrim Servant

CHARLEY Susannah female 19 Staffodshire Servant

CLAYDON Fanny L female 19 Middlesex Servant

CONNOR Mary female 23 Kerry Dairymaid

Kate female 21 Kerry Housemaid

Bridget female 20 Kerry Housemaid

DRYLAND Ann female 49 Warwickshire Laundress

James male 12 Warwickshire

Fredk. male 8

MANN Jane female 18 Warwickshire Laundress

ROUSE Margt. female 34 Middlesex Cook

SULLIVAN Mary female 25 Kerry Servant

SULLIVAN Honora female 17 Kerry Servant

SWAN Jane female 18 Peebleshire Servant

WOOD Charlotte female 18 Middlesex Servant

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