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The WAITARA departed London on 29 September, 1882 and arrived at Wellington on 30 December, 1882, with Captain A Brown in command.

Transcribed from the Evening Post, Tuesday, 2 January 1883, Page 2



The N Z.S. Company's ship Waitara, Captain A Brown, was signalled on Saturday evening, and by 9.30 pm, Pilot Holmes had anchored her in harbour. The Waitara brings several passengers, who have arrived in good health. There was nothing particularly worthy of note during the passage, and the weather throughout was fair average. The run from land to land occupied 88 days. She left Gravesend on 29th September, and was off Start Point on 2nd October; crossed the Meridian of Greenwich on 22nd November. Rocks Point was the first land sighted (28th ult), and Wellington Heads were made as above. She was berthed at the wharf yesterday, and is to follow the ship Orari for London.

The following is her passenger list:-


W H**t; C, Marian and Violet Harton; M. Johnson; Clara Parkinson and William Alluutt.

Second Cabin

C. Prideauz, Elizabeth Laig. Elizabeth Swanson, John and Mrs Illott, H. and Anne Marshall, Steerage - Walter, Mary and Gertrude Bearne; Henry, Mary and Alfred Gardiner; C and J Greenroyd, Anne Appleby, Elizabeth Harnett, Eleanor Jenkins, Cecilia Hayes, Sarah Wood, Francis Mason, Amy Emmott, F Watkinson, Owen Glatine, H. Garforth and Rose Neal.



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