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Departed from London on 17th December, 1875 and arrived in Wellington on 2nd April 1876.
Captain Seaborne was in command.

This passenger list was transcribed from the images on the Family Search website.

Reports on the voyage can be found HERE.

Gender Age Occupation County

BOSHER Thomas male 39 Farm Labr. Surrey

Harriett female 43

Thomas male 19

John male 17

George male 15

Elizth. female 14

Emily female 11

Harriett female 8

Catherine female 6

COOMBE John male 24 Carpenter Devon

Elizth. female 40

Fredr. J male 6m

COWLEY James male 25 Machine Fitter Forfar

Jessie female 22

ENGLISH Nicholas male 39 Tailor Tipperary

Margt. female 39

Margt. female 19 Housemaid Tipperary

Beatrice female 17 Housemaid Tipperary

FINLAY James male 25 Painter Glazier Lanarkshire

Annie female 26 and Paperhanger

HISTED Frederick male 40 Tent Maker Kent

Mary Ann female 37

Ellen female 10

Francis male 8

Alfred T male 6

HOUSE Willm. male 25 Farm Labr. Middlesex

Annie female 26

Elizabeth female 3

Mary female 1

HUNTLEY Albert male 21 Platelayer & Navvy Kent

Elizth. female 19

Jane E female 4m

KENAVANE John male 27 Farm Labr. Clare

Mary female 23

LATHAM Wm. male 40 Farm Labr. Cheshire

Hannah female 36

Chas. male 15

Alice female 13

LARGE Charles male 45 Farm Labr. Kent

Martha female 30

Chas. male 16

Elizth. female 14

Mary A female 8

Henry male 6

Martha female 3

Alfred male 1

LAWRENCE Frank male 38 Carpenter Kent

Lydia female 40

Lydia female 12

Herbert male 9

Sarah female 5

LINDSAY Alexr. male 26 Farm Labr. Lanark

Jane female 26

Janet female 6

Elizth. female 4

James male 4m

SMALE Jethro male 26 Gardener Devonshire

Fanny female 25

WITTINGTON Chas. male 23 Wheelwright Staffordshire

Maria female 21

Herbert male 10

WITTINGTON Richd. male 35 Wheelwright Staffordshire

Julia female 32

Herbert male 2

Amelia female 6

Anne female 4

Richard male 4m

Single Men

BALLS Nathaniel male 20 Gardener Essex

BARRETT Edwin male 23 Carpenter Cornwall

BASS James male 21 Genl. Labr. Essex

BREEZE Thoams male 27 Farm Bailiss Montgomery

CLARK Jas. A male 32 Engineer Fifeshire

CREWE Robert male 17 Labourer Dorset

DINAN Patr. male 20 Farm Labr. Clare

FAITHFULL Walter male 16 Butcher Surrey

Alfred male 14 Butcher Surrey

FRANKLIN Arthur male 23 Painter Middlesex

Walter male 25 Painter Middlesex

KANE John male 25 Farm Labr. Fermanagh

McGAHEY Felix male 19 Labourer Monaghan

MELLOR Timothy male 32 Farm Labr. Cheshire

Single Women

AMBROSE Leah female 15 Gen. Servt. Oxon

BALLS Mary A female 43 Nurse Essex

Mary A female 22 Parlormaid Essex

Dorcas female 17 Housemaid Essex

BARTLETT Eliza female 29 Dom. Servt. Hants

BARRETT Jane female 21 Gen. Servt. Middy

BILLINGTON Sarah female 22 Housekeeper Oxon

BROOM Hannah female 19 Gen. Servt. Cheshire

BODDY Susan female 23 Plain Cook Middlesex

DORAN Elizth. female 28 Dom. Servt. Somerset

FREMANTLE Caroline female 20 Gen. Servt. Middlesex

HIGGINS Elizth. female 27 Cook Queens Co.

HOLDER Elizth. E female 19 Housemaid Surrey

HUMPHREY Caroline female 29 Housemaid Middlesex

LYONS Margt. female 28 Gen. Servt. Cork

Nellie female 4

KEATING Jane female 18 Dom. Servt. Cork

McDONNELL Cathr. female 25 Gen. Servt. Clare

McGAHEY Mary female 17 Servant Monaghan

McKENZIE Isabella female 23 Laundress Inverness

STEVENSON Mary female 18 Nurse Antrim

TRACEY Anne female 16 Dom. Servt. Clare

WINCH Sarah female 24 Cook Essex

Colonists Aid Corporation Emigrants

Gender Age Occupation County

BROAD Thomas male 22 Miner Glamorgan

Frances female 23

Mary female 1

CHILD Edwd. male 44 Millwright Middlesex

Sarah female 42

Sarah A female 21

Frances L female 19

Emily M female 17

Edwd. Geo. male 15

Fredk. W male 13

Rose L female 11

Walter L male 9

DOWDEN Alex. John male 38 Carpenter Middlesex

Sarah female 39

Alex. Jno. male 12

Sarah J female 10

Mary L female 9

Wm. H male 7

Lucy L female 7

Hy. H male 5

Geo. Freeman male 4

Harriet A female 10m

FOWLES Jos. S male 24 Painter Hertfordshire

Emma R female

FRAMPTON Thos. M male 34 Millwright Dorset

Amelia S female 33

Eliza M female 9

Chas. E male 6

Thos. M male 3

Ada E female 4m

GRAVES John male 36 Carpenter Middlesex

Helena female 35

HAVORD William male 40 Labourer Shropshire

Phoebe female 42

Matthew H. male 18

George F. male 16

HEAPPEY Jos. male 23 Labourer Staffordshire

Eliza female

HEAPPEY Wm. male 26 Gardener Staffordshire

Sarah female 29

Emily H female 5

Willm. male 3

Elizth. female 9m

LUCKINS Wm. male 43 Toolsmith Surrey

Emma female 43

Elizth. E female 13

Florence L female 9

NICHOLS Thomas male 33 Farm Labourer Kent

Sarah female 34

Thomas male 14

Henry male 12

William male 10

Augusta female 7

Joshua male 5

PAGE John A male 23 Labourer Sussex

Rose Anne female 21

Jno A C male 2

Geo. D W male 1m

PAULLILL Edwd. male 46 Farm Labr. Kent

Sarah female 45

Lucy female 11

SPICER Noah male 33 Carpenter Somerset

Hannah female 37

Louisa female 14

Alice female 12

Ethel female 10

Kate female 7

William male 4

Esther female 2

WILLIAMS Wm. Hy. male 40 Sailmaker Devon

Naomi female 35

Mary E female 13

Emily Susan female 8

Jane N female 4

Wm. Hy. male 2

Jno. Frank male 3m

WISE James male 49 Labourer Glamorgan

May female 43

Jane female 18

Annie female 13

Jessie female 9

Margt. female 4

Single Men

GRAY James male 22 Shoemaker Roscommon

JONES Michael male 35 Farmer Kings Co.

McGURK Jas. male 20 Ploughman Tyrone

McMULLEN Denis male 20 Farm Labr. Antrim

WARRING Wm. male 26 Farm Labr. Cornwall

FITZPATRICK Andrew male 16 Farm Labr. Cork
FLYNN Daniel male 21 Farm Labr. Cork

Single Women

FITZPATRICK Cathr. female 38 Dressmaker Cork

Bridget female 14

GRAY Ellen female 18 Farm Servt. Roscommon

Bridget female 16 Farm Servt. Roscommon

McGURK Jane female 17 Dairymaid Tyrone

McNEILL Mary A female 17 Dom. Servt. Antrim

CRONIN Margt. female 18 Servant Cork

Kate female 16 Servant Cork

CROLL Annie A female 29

Willm. A male 3

Annie A female 74

McKILLOP Fanny female 18 Dom. Servt. Antirm

MITCHELL Isabella female 22 Factory Worker Forfarshire

MORRIS Catherine female 23 Gen. Servt. Roscommon

Margt. female 19 Gen. Servt. Roscommon

SMOUT Margt. female 40

Sarah female 9

Elias male 6

Emma female 3

STAINES Annie female 32 Dom. Servt. Devon

Frank male 6

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