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The WAIKATO departed Gravesend on the 6th June, 1876 and arrived in Wellington on 4th September, 1876. Captain William Worster was in command.



Transcribed from the Evening Post for 4th Septembet, 1876.



The fine clipper ship Waikato, the property of the New Zealand Shipping Company, under command of Captain William Worster, was signalled early this morning, and at 8.30 bowed round Halswell Point, after a very fair run of 88 days from Gravesend, and 86 from pilot to pilot. The passage has been un­eventful, and was marked by the prevalence of very fine weather. Cape Farewell was sighted on Sunday, afternoon, and she came through the Strait under lower topsails and reefed fore­sail, it blowing a fierce westerly gale. Pilot Holmes boarded her at 7 this morning, and brought her to an anchor off Somes' Island in consequence of the strong wind blowing from the west. She brings a large valuable cargo, but no Government immigrants. Most of her passengers are for Auckland, and they all speak in very flattering terms of Captain Worster and his officers. This vessel came here with immigrants about three years ago, and her present captain was then chief officer. The Waikato has been laid on to load here, for Lon­don, and is the first wool ship of the season. The following are the names of the passengers:-




A. Shrewsbury, Emma Shrews­bury, Elsie Shrewsbury, Hugh Shrewsbury, Eveline Shrewsbury, E. A. Rich, Agnes Rich, Evelyn Rich, Ludlow Rich, N. F. Ellis, John F. Holmes, Charles Hardwick, Alfred Dewing, Lucy Shipton, Ada Ling, F. Holmes, and Sarah Hunter.


Second class:


Arthur Skey, John Moore, Maria Moore, Thomas Bremstow, Thomas Gamball, Andrew Orr, Jane Orr, Alfred Orr, Florence Orr, Mary Stairs, John C. Colson, Mary. A. Colson, Thomas G. Colson, Eleanor A. Colson, Sarah T. E. Colson and Beatrice E. Colson.




Benjamin F. Windross, Thomas Heming, Joseph Moore, Mary Moore, William Johnston, Mary John­ston, William Johnston, Mary Johnston, H. Brown, Martha Brown, Carrie Brown, Henry Brown, Richard Westwood, Eliza Westwood, Alfred Shaw, Ducilia Shaw, Alfred Shaw, T. Wrigley, Betsy H. Wrigley and infant, George Manston, and John Elkin.






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