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The VICTORY departed London on 27th October, 1883 and arrived Port Chalmers, on Monday, 23 December, 1883, with Captain Elcoate in command.



Transcribed from the Otago Daily Times for Monday, 24th December, 1883.





December 23

Victory, s.s, 2848 tons, Elcoate, from London Oct. 27. B and N Z M and A Co, agents.




Second cabin:-


Mr and Mrs H Lewis and family (3),

Mr and Mrs Tait,

Mr and Mrs Duncan,




Thomas Sharpley, William Southern, John Jackson, William Hoskisson, A H Macandrew, Edward Speechley, W Bellamy, C H Martin.




James Bartholo­mew, Frederick Benson, Clementina Hourston, Mr and Mrs Emmett, Caroline Wilkins, George Emmett, Mr and Mrs Jones and daughter, Mary Hamilton, J Torreus, Charles Curtis, Mr and Mrs Stone, Erik Holdstrom, Johann Holdburg, Johann Karlson, E H Jones, Mr and Mrs Duncan, Henry Bowle, Henry Worker, Richard Carroll, W J Vickery, William Pragnell, Thomas Cammon, Sarah Bryant, Annie Bryant, William G Bryant, William Geddes, James B Boese, George H Cooper, Mr and Mrs Fernby and family (2), Mr and Mrs Richards and family (2), George Ayling, Wiliam Garrett, Mr and Mrs Greerage, Mr and Mrs Grose, J Molloy, G Ashton, George E Ashton, Arthur Norton, Mrs J Sal*on, Walter Underwood, Charles Cox, Daniel Toomey, Mr and Mrs Myers and family (2), Thomas Foster, Mr and Mrs Pickard and family (6), John Smith, Mr and Mrs Waddingham and family (6), Mr and Mrs Walker and daughter, Frances Poyser, Charles McLaughlin, Mr and Mrs Lobb and family (4), Mr and Mrs Blacklock and family (3), Thomas Gagbagan, W Sloan, William Brown, James Richards, John Malcolm, William Boulter, William Wilson, Clara Morris, Lily Newman, Alfred Newman, Walter Newman and 333 immigrants.





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