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The 'TYBURNIA' left Gravesend on 31 May 1863 and arrived in Auckland on
4 September 1863 under the command of Captain Coate.

Transcribed from the Daily Southern Cross, 5 September 1863, Page 2


The ‘Tyburnia’ arrived yesterday from London with immigrants, and we regret to say that a number of cases of small pox have occurred during the voyage, which will render it necessary for her to be placed in quarantine. The 'Tyburnia' was signalled yesterday morning, and Mr. Pilot Burgess went off and found her anchored off Rangitoto. On nearing the vessel, however, he was informed that some of the passengers had been attacked with small pox. At the request of Mr. Burgess, the Captain threw overboard a bottle, enclosing a report of the voyage, from which particulars were obtained which will be found in our shipping report. It appears that the 'Tyburnia' left Gravesend on the 2nd June, and that the small pox broke out ten days after her departure. Thirty-five cases had occurred, nine of which only were serious, and there had been one death, that of a male adult, fifty years of age. It is satisfactory to know that the last case occurred on the 22nd of last month, since which the disease has subsided. Of course the greatest precautions will be taken to prevent any one visiting the vessel or leaving it. The 'Tyburnia' is to be brought up as far as Rangitoto passage this morning, and it is proposed to establish a quarantine ground for her near the reef. It is absolutely necessary for the safety of the community that no attempt should be made to board the vessel. Persons having friends on board might be induced to attempt to do so, through ignorance, but we would warn them of the heavy penalties they are liable to for infringement of the quarantine regulations. It is impossible yet to say how long it will be necessary, to keep the 'Tyburnia' in quarantine. It is to be hoped that her detention will not be of long duration, but in the mean time the greatest precaution is necessary. We are informed that the 'Tyburnia' has about 400 passengers on board, principally non-conformist settlers. -
While on this subject we may say that there has been a meeting of the medical men in Mel-bourne, at which re-vaccination was recommended, when the vaccine cicatrix was not perceptible on the arm; but it was not to be done compulsorily. At the same time we may state that there was a degree of quackery about this recommendation, which called forth some adverse criticism from the Melbourne press. It occurred about the commencement of the last month; and the case of the ' Tyburnia' brings it to mind. We need hardly call attention to the precautions which have been taken in all the Australian colonies, and at Otago. The maxim of "prevention is better than cure" could not be better applied, than in our case.

Check the names carefully against the newspaper, as interpretation is difficult at times. They have been set out exactly as recorded in the 'Daily Southern Cross' of 28 September, 1863, Page 2.


Charles, Mrs Charles, Wm. H., James M, Frank E. and George O. Metcalf

Theodore Linne

Robert, Robert, Oscar and Eva Peat

Mrs and Annie Carr

Robert Walker

Annie Yorke

Henry, Jane, Margaret, Annie, Graham, Laman and Henry Barton

Thomas and M. Ann Jackson

Rev. T., Mrs and Henry S. Booker

Ensign Howard

Dr. Nicholson

Mr and Mrs Ware

Second Cabin

Rebecca, Mary, Elizabeth and Robert Boot

Joseph Croft

James Page

Richard Hires

Morris Clarke

George F. Rees

R. Elizabeth and Robert A. Hall

William, Emma, William Catherine and Rose E. Huband

Frederick Maryold

Wellington Peat

T. C. Graham

Fanny Unthank

E. W. Graham

William M., Catherine, Mary and Sarah Flower

Edward J. Phillips

Sergeant Rainbird

Sergeant, Mrs. and Henry Roberts

Third Class

William and Elizabeth Bennett

John Nichols

William, Elizabeth and Ann Mary Edson

John B. Johnson

Thomas, Amelia, Clara, Annie and Sarah Amy Ogle

Thomas Able

Reuben Martin

Martha Rowe

Jabez Butters

George Stanton

Mary Prickhard

Mary Ann Wainwright

Joseph, Mrs and Annie M. Nichols

John H., Mary Ann, John and William Soar

Edward Attenborough

William Giles

John and Salome Pikett

George K. Comrie

Charles Whittle

William Frearson

William C. and Elizabeth Goodfellow

William Gutteridge

A., E., William, James, Isabella, Hannah, Alexander and Ellen Ratcliffe

William, Hannah, Charles, Thompson W., and William Leys

Anthony Harvey

Martin J., H., and Harris Wilkes

Frederick Wilson

William, Emily and Herbert Mason

Henry Holbrook

Sarah Hearson

S. Wilson, John D. and Jane W. Thomson

James, Mrs., Eliza and James Cooper

Eliza and Hoonott Street

Sarah Cropper

James C. and Eliza Cooke

Ed. W. and Harriet Lowe

William East

William Hewitt

Alfred Haines

Frances and Ann Chappel

William, Sussanah and William Allcock

Matthew H. Airey

George Mawson

John J. Middleton

Sarah Robinson

Henry, Ann, James and Eliza Smith

John Holloway

Alfred Catchpole

William, John and Mrs Stevens

John Maxton

William, Mrs., Sarah and Benjamin Sanderson

George, Elizabeth, Mary Ann, Henry, Sophia and Rosina Keane

Josiah Hill

George, Louisa and Harry C. Hind

Richard Leigh

William H. Sceats

James, Sarah, Thomas Henry and James Arthur Rix

Arthur Fry

James H., Sarah, Henry, Sarah, Annie and Emma Smith

John Carrington

Mrs M., Mary Ann and John Coade

Ellen and Sophia Dabell

Sarah, Emma and Harry Dorrington

Edward and John Nield

William, Ann, William and Elizabeth Chadwin

William Wilkinson

Reuben and Elizabeth Nicholls

William West

Benjamin, Ellen, Alfred and William Wardle

James and Sarah Buckley

Kezia Edwards

James and Mary A. Maddocks

William, Martha, Elizabeth, M. A., Martha J., Caroline, Alice, William and Rose Cutler

John, Jane, John C.B., Henry J., Thomas G., and Alfred E. Gummer

Frederick Stacey

John J., Matilda E., Agnes, Georgina, William O. C., John T. P., and Alfred O. P., Garibaldi and Mary Jane Clarke

Walter, Emma, Frederick, Mary Ann, Charles, Clara and Sarah Rowsell

W. J. Bayley

Jonathan Morries

William Callaghan

Samuel, Ann and Thomas Widowson

Frederick Wheatcroft

Thomas Mason

Samson and Maria Place

William, Sarah, William J., Elizabeth, Joseph, Sarah M., Jane, Edward, Richard, Agnes, Mary, S. Florence and Albert Tingey

Thos. Donovan

Henry Jenkins

Charles Hill

Robert Burton

Henry Laycock

Charles Litchfield

Jonathan J. and Harriet Norries.

Robert Mackie

Alfred H. Keeble

Henry, Caroline, Henry, William, James, Richard, Arthur, Caroline, Samuel and Edward Morton

Samuel Prince

Edward G. Farrand

Leah Hemus

Elizabeth, Eliza, Henry and Edward Elliot

Joseph Kirk

George, Sarah and Eliza and Ann Davis

George, Annie and Annie M. Blackwood

Eliza, Maud, John, Susannah, Henry, Esther, Sabina, Benjamin M., Ann, John and William Callen

John Hall

Caroline Claridge

Sarah A. and Florence Shorthose

Edwin and Mary Launder

Sarah Stanton

Charles and Thomas Ramsay

John and Sarah Massey

John Bignell

Sam. F. White

George and Sarah Fisher

Gilbert Anderson

Joseph Alsebrooke

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