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The TURAKINA departed London on 11 September, 1902 and arrived at
Lyttelton on 30 October, 1902.

The following is the list of passengers by the New Zealand Shipping 
Company's new steamer TURAKINA, which left London on her first
trip to New Zealand on 11 September, 1902.

Transcribed from the Star, 6 October, 1902, Page 3.

Mr A. G. Symons Lyttleton

Mr and Mrs  Duncan Port Chalmers

Miss Duncan Port Chalmers

Mr H. T. Duncan Port Chalmers

Mr F. Courage Lyttleton

Mr A. E. Courage Lyttelton

Miss H. A. Courage Lyttelton

Mrs Todhunter Lyttelton

Miss Todhunter Lyttelton

Miss A. H. Chambers Cape Town

Mr and Mrs J. Studholme Lyttelton

Miss L. Davidson Wellington

Mr C. E. Sisiney and sons Hobart

Mr W. Sydenham jun. Lyttelton

Mr and Mrs Callender Lyttelton

Dr and Mrs Nairn Picton

Colonel and Mrs Somerville Wellington

Mr and Mrs Taylor and family Lyttelton

Mr and Mrs Howard Jones Wellington

Mr and Mrs Underwood Wellington

Mrs McKenzie Wellington

Mrs O. Pringle  and family Lyttelton

Miss U. Underwood Wellington

Mrs F. E. Meynell Auckland

Miss L. Murgatroyd Lyttelton

Miss G. C. Jennings Lyttelton

Mrs F. A. Barrett Wellington

Miss A. Joyce Auckland

Mrs E. Pfeiffer New Plymouth

Miss M. Alley Auckland

Mrs J. Greene Hobart

Mrs A. Evans and children Gisborne

Mr W. Monkhouse New Plymouth

Mr W. Gilmour Lyttelton

Mr R. M. Douglas Auckland

Mr W. Gibbs Lyttelton

Mr A. T. Field Auckland

Mr R. J. Corbett Auckland

Mr H. S. Perkins Wellington

Miss M. Aslin Port Chalmers

Miss M. Stewart Auckland

Miss F. E. Sewell Auckland

Miss M. M. Yeare Wellington

Mr W. H. Clarke Melbourne

Mr S. Underwood Wellington

Mr H. W. Jennings Lyttelton

Mr A. P. Deebbe Wellington

Mr J. Farrell Lyttelton

Mr Gollie New Zealand

Mr W. Overend Lyttelton

Mr S. Huggart Lyttelton

Mr H. Feaver Lyttelton

Lieutenant-Colonel Collins Wellington

Mr and Mrs North and child Auckland

Mr H. Cuffe Auckland

Mr E. Smith Wellington

Mr S. A. Smith Wellington

Mr C. J. Smith Wellington

Mrs J. Clark Wellington

Mr J. Stobo Bluff Harbour

Miss A. Perry Wellington

Mr F. Gill Oamaru

Mr F. W. Taylor Lyttelton

Mr and Mrs Russell and child Auckland

Mr P. Boyhan New Plymouth

Mr C. Bickerton Lyttelton

Mr T. Aitchison Wanganui

Mr D. Aitchison Wanganui

Mr S. A. Goodwin and family Wellington

Mrs S. Moses Auckland

Mrs F. Neves and child Wellington

Miss G. A. Burgh Wellington

Miss M. Holmes Auckland

Mr M. J. Glavin Napier

Mr J. Peter Lyttelton

Mr F. A. Clifford Lyttelton

Mr T. Thomson Wellington

Mr E. Bird Wellington

Miss M. Cushley Napier

Mr and Mrs J. Keart Cape Town

Mr A. Boag Cape Town

Mr W. Miller Port Chalmers

Miss E. Doyle Wellington

Mrs C. Sefton and child Auckland

Mr J. O'Neill Napier

Mr and Mrs C. Bond New Plymouth

Miss J. O'Dowd Wellington

Mr W. F. C. Batham Auckland

Mr W. Miller Port Chalmers

Mr H. Y. Hughes Gisborne

Mr R. Aitchison Wanganui

Mr and Mrs E. G. Holloway and child Wellington

Miss C. Hutton Port Chalmers

Mr N. McLeod Bluff Harbour

Mr and Mrs J. A. Shepperd Lyttelton

Mr A. Lindsay Wellington

Mr R. Ritchie Wellington

Mr P. Harper Westport

Mr and Mrs H. K. Atkinson Timaru

Mr and Mrs J. Brodie and child Lyttelton

Miss A. Phillips New Plymouth

Mr S. Phillips New Plymouth

Mr J. Phillips New Plymouth

Mr T. Hooper Cape Town

Mr S. Moses Wellington

Mr J. Moses Wellington

Mr J. Small Wellington

Mr A. Green Greymouth

Mr G. Limb Greymouth

Mr A. H. Baker Auckland

Mr J. Dovetom Melbourne

Miss K. Conroy Lyttelton

Mr J. Bourke Lyttelton

Miss C. Bourke Lyttelton

Mr J. Culloty Lyttelton

Mr G. R. Burrough New Plymouth

Mr R. Davies Melbourne

Mr W. R. Pow Wellington

Mr G. H. Duncan Wellington

Mr and Mrs E. V. Kaye Wellington

Mr and Mrs W. Austin Wellington

Mr and Mrs Jolley Auckland

Miss V. Irving Auckland

Mr and Mrs Tester and child Wellington

Mr and Mrs A. W. Wood Wellington

Mr and Mrs A. B. Dingdey and family Auckland

Miss R. E. H. Dingdey Auckland

Mr and Mrs W. A. Elner and family Port Chalmers

Mr H. Heath Cape Town

Mr J.Joliffe Cape Town

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