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The TONGARIRO departed 2 July, 1887 and arrived in Lyttelton on 13 August, 1887, with Captain J E Bone in command.


Transcribed from the Evening Post, 15 August 1887, Page 2




The N.Z.S. Company's R.M.S. Tongariro, Captain Bone, which arrived in harbour as we were going to press on Saturday, was berthed at the wharf at 5.30 same evening. She left Plymouth on the 2nd of July at 2.30 pm, and arrived at Madeira at 10.45 am on the 6th; sailed at 5.25 pm, and reached Capetown at 9.20 am on 22nd; moved on at 4.45 pm. and made Hobart at 9.45 am on the 9th instant; left at 2.20 pm, and arrived at Wellington Heads at 2.30 pm on Saturday. The voyage has been a very pleasant one, the usual amusements being introduced, which were appreciated by the passengers, who speak highly of the attention of Captain Bone and his officers. The Tongariro brought out 100 passengers of all classes (17 of whom were landed at Hobart), 371 sacks of mails, and 2800 tons of cargo, 1000 tons being for Wellington, 220 for Auckland, 740 for Port Chalmers, and 810 for Lyttelton. The Tongariro's total time from Plymouth was 42d 0hr 20mm. Her actual steaming time 40d 18hr 30min. Her average speed was 13 knots. The officers associated with Captain Bone remain the same as last voyage, with the exception of Mr E. W. Moorhouse who succeeds Mr Smallpage as fourth officer, and Dr C. A. Edwards, who has taken Dr Lawson's place as surgeon. The Tongariro sails on Wednesday for Lyttelton and Port Chalmers.

The following is a list of her passengers:-

For Wellington:

Saloon - Miss A. K. Jervois, Mesdames Wickson and J Scott. Messrs F Kibbell, F Neck, E Vaughan and A Baker

Second - Mrs Venn, Mr and Mrs Hall and family (4)

Third - Messrs H Colyer and R Caseley


Saloon - Mr C Blois

Second - Rev J and Mrs Hargreaves

Third - Mr R Pealson.


Saloon - Mr F. Rockusser

Second - Mrs Parkinson, Messrs B. E. and G. Parkinson

Third - Mrs and Misses (3) Edgworth, and Mr J. May.


Saloon - Mrs P. Court, and Mr Quick

Second - Mrs Patrick and boy, Messrs T. Ernest, W. Johnson and Porter (3)

Third - Mrs M. Collard and family (3), Messrs T. Wilson, F. Shilton and Duffield


Saloon - Mr and Mrs Forbes, Messrs G. Feilden and E. Foote

Second - Mr and Mrs Murray and family (8)

Third - Miss C. Cowling, Messrs S. Knight, W. Lawson and W. Nicholl


Saloon - Misses Cartwright and Harper (3), Mr and Mrs Leonard Harper

Port Chalmers:

Saloon - Mr J. Chartres

Second - Miss M. McCulloch and Mr A. Adams

Third - Misses L. Adams and J. Stewart and Mr Robinson

New Plymouth:

Second saloon Winfield

Third - Messrs J. and G. Lyon, P. Norvell, H. Roberts and M. Stevenson


Saloon Mr and Mrs T. Jex-Blake


Third cabin - Messrs C. Barnes and G. Forrester.


Third cabin - Mr and Mrs Fleming and daughter


Mr K. Oakley


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