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The TONGARIRO departed London on 27 February, 1902 and arrived in Auckland via Plymouth, Teneriffe, Capetown and Hobart on 20 April, 1902. Captain J A Sutcliffe was in command.


Transcribed from the Auckland Star, 21 April 1902, Page 4


Tongariro, s s., 7661, J. A. Sutcliffe, from London, Capetown and Hobart.



Mesdames - Holmes, Rogers, Misses M. Palmer, S. Palmer, N. L. Costello, C. C. Holmes, E. C. Holmes, J. M. Rogers, E. C. Rogers, D. A. Rogers, M. R. Rogers, Rev. J. H. Rogers, Col. Boyd, C.B.,

Messrs - J. S. Holmes, C. Spens, Master Rogers.

Second Saloon:

Mesdames - Bradshaw, Kersey Cooper, Arnott,

Misses - S. Edwards, J. Hardie, E. Arnott, F. Arnott, Ada Arnott, Agnes Arnott, Dr. J. C. Bradshaw,

Messrs - A. G. Barclay, Kersey Cooper, W. P. Edwards, F. J. McQueen, A. W. Pape, A. J. Pfeiffer, C. W. Savage, H. Wadsworth, J. Wallace, sen., J. Wallace, jun., F. Arnott, S. Luttrell, D. Luttrell, M Luttrell, Master Arnott,

and 47 steerage.



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