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The TARANAKI sailed from Gravesend on the 28 August, 1882 and arrived at Port Chalmers on 
14 Novenber, 1882, with 41 immigrants. The ship was under the command of Captain Hird.
Miss Wimperis
Miss Glover
Miss Fulton
Rev J.G Dubonlay
Mr R Grant
Mr Adamson
Mr A. A Howell
Second Cabin:
Mr and Mrs Green
Miss Satchell
Mr Pigott
Mr and Mrs Grant
Mr and Mrs Hays and infant
Mr and Mrs Paterson
Mr and Mrs Mase
Mrs Barnes
Miss Fore
Miss Moore
Mr C Grant
Mr W Dore
Mr J Harding
Mr J Meagher
Mr Sundell (2)
Mr J Lawson
Mr J Weakman
Mr E Fognell
Mr M Newman
Mr Erickson (2)
Mr E Anderson
Mr J Sanders
Mr A Sedistrom
Master Rennie
Master Brookman (2)
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