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The TAINUI departed from London on 13 June 1895 and arrived in Wellington via Plymouth, Capetown and Hobart on 29 July 1895. Captain E J Evans was in command.



Transcribed from the Evening Post, Monday, 29 July 1895, Page 2




At 9.45 this morning the S.S. & A. Co.'s ss Tainui, Captain E. J. Evans, from London via Teneriffe, Capetown, and Hobart, dropped anchor in the stream. She left Plymouth on the 15th June, and arrived at Teneriffe at 5.30 am on the 20th. Landed passengers, mails, and coaled, and left for Capetown, which was reached at 1pm on 5th inst. Landed and embarked passengers, and left at 5 pm same day, arriving at Hobart at 1 pm on 24th. Landed passengers, mails, discharged cargo, and cooled, and left for Wellington at 6 am on the 25th. From Hobart moderate weather, with variable winds prevailed. The voyage was uneventful, and the health of all on board satisfactory. After being inspected by the Health Officer she was berthed at the Queen's Wharf at 1.15 pm. The Tainui brought 73 passengers, 11 packages and 62 boxes of mails, and 3000 tons of cargo for all New Zealand ports, of which 2210 tons are for Wellington. The Tainui takes on board a quantity of meat, wool, 4.C., at this port, and sails on Monday for Napier and Lyttelton. At noon on 10th July passed the eastward-bound barque Clan McLeod, of Glasgow, in latitude 44deg 25min S; longitude 45deg 24min E. The following is her passenger list:—

Saloon for Wellington—

Mr. and Mrs. Symons, Mr. Du Croz;

Second saloon—

Misses - Mitchell, Parrell (3),

Mesdames - Grace, Parrell (2), Whinneray,

Messrs - Grace, Masters (2), Hill, Parrell (2), Birch;


Mesdames - Hill and Radford.

Saloon for other ports—

Misses - Alexander and White,

Mesdames - Beddard, Alexander, White, Captain Todd,

Messrs - Beddard, Hyd, Hay, Alexander, White;

Second saloon—

Mrs. Richards,

Messrs - Ibbotson, Hamilton, Brown, Gammell, Paterson, Freer;

26 steerage



Transcribed from the Star, Tuesday, 23 July 1895, Page 2





The following is a list of passengers booked per R.M.S. Tainui, which sailed from London on June 13: —

Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Alexander, Miss Alexander,

Mr. J. Babbert,

Mr. F. Beddard,

Mr. P. F. Du Croz,

Mr. J. F. Fenwick,

Mrs. Beddard,

Mrs. Fenwick,

Mr. J. B. Kyd,

Mr. H. L. Puckle,

Captain Todd,

Mr. Mrs. and Miss Coghlan,


Rev. Robert and Mrs. Betts, Misses Betts (2),

Mr. A. Brown,

Mr. J. S. Burgess,

Mr. and Mrs. S. Carter,

Mr. J. H. Freer,

Mr. S. A. Gamell,

Mr. C. W. Grace,

Mrs. E. Gregory,

Mr. A. Hamilton,

Mr. J. W. Hin,

Mr. Ibbotson,

Miss H. Macrae,

Miss J. Mitchell,

Mrs. Grace, Masters Grace (2),

Mr. W. Jackson, jun.,

Mr. G. J. Parrell, Mrs. Parrell, Mr. G. P. Parrell, Misses Parrell (3),

Mr. R. Paterson,

Mrs. M. J. Richards,

Mr. W. Roberts, jun.,

Mrs. Wheneray,

Mr. and Mrs. P. Beaver, Miss Beaver, Masters Beaver (4),

Mr. R. Bettger,

Mr. S. Bryant,

Mr. W. Chapman,

Mr. W. Cleave,

Mr. A. Dukat,

Mr. H. Eklund,

Mr. T. Ferguson,

Mr. W. B. Griffiths,

Mr. W.P. Hays,

Mr. J. Holinger,

Mr. P. Hogan,

Mr. A. Hobbien,

Mrs. L. K. Hill,

Miss L. Hind,

Mr. G. Herbert,

Mr. A. Inglis,

Mr. J. C. King,

Mr. L. Kench,

Mr. J. McPherson,

Mr. and Mrs. A. More, Messrs R. and W. More, Misses More (2), Master K. More,

Mr. J. Peters,

Mrs. Radford,

Mrs. L. Rapson, Misses L. M. and J. E. Rapson,

Mr. John Robertson,

Mr. P. Todd, Mrs. Todd, Miss S. Todd, Messrs J. and W. Todd.


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