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The maiden voyage of the TAINUI departed London on 13 November, 1908, and arrived in Wellington 26 December, 1908, via Plymouth, Capetown and Hobart, with Captain Thos. Moffatt in command.


Transcribed from the Auckland Star, 21 December 1908, Page 4



(From Our Special Correspondent.) LONDON. November 13. The new Shaw, Savill steamer Tainui leaves London to-day on her maiden voyage to New Zealand, with 36 first saloon passengers. 82 second saloon, and no fewer than 830 third class. The Tainui, which was launched at the beginning of September from the yard of Messrs Workman, Clark and Co., of Belfast, is a handsomely modelled twin-screw steamer of over 10,000 tons gross register. She has been specially designed to meet the growing demands for an improved passenger and freight service between London and New Zealand. Her sea-going speed is 13 knots, and she has two sets of triple expansion engines. Her passenger accommodation is handsome and spacious, with well lighted and ventilated cabins, and artistic and comfortable public rooms and lounges. The third- class equipment includes a roomy dining saloon on the main deck, and large dining spaces on the lower deck, also a smoking room on the after deck house. The following saloon passengers left London to-day by the Tainui, bound for New Zealand:

Mr. T. Anderson. F.R.G.S. (Port Chalmers)

Miss. J. Berry (Lyttelton)

Mr. and Mrs. A. Boyle, Miss P. Boyle, Master A. P Boyle (Lyttelton)

Miss M. Butcher (Wellington)

Mr. D. S. Carson. J.P. (Wellington)

Miss Cresswell (Auckland)

Mr. J Falconer (Lyttelton)

Dr. L. Frazer-Hurst (Wellington)

Mr. H. A. Fife (Lyttelton)

Miss F. Heath, Miss M. A. Heath (Auckland)

Miss C. Hill (Auckland)

Mr. F Hughes (Wellington)

Captain H. E. Humphreys (Wellington)

Mr. and Mrs. F Hutchinson (Wellington)

Mr. R. Johnstone (Napier)

Mr W. I Kingsford (Wellington)

Capt. W. H. Lambton and valet (Wellington)

Mr. J. Littlejohn (Auckland)

Mr. W. R. McKaig (Wellington)

Mr. W. McLaren (Timaru)

Mrs. C. Martin (Wellington)

Capt E. M. Parkenham (Wellington)

Miss A G Sanderson (Wellington)

Hon. H. St. Leger (Gisborne)

Mr. C. V. Todhunter (Lyttelton)

Mr. H. Vavasour, Mrs. Vavasour and maid, Miss G. Vavasour, Miss B. Vavasour (Wellington)

Mr. R. Wallroth (Gisborne)

Mr. W. West (Wellington)

Mr. J. C. Alpass (Wellington)

Mr. G. Beaumont (Port Chalmers)

Mrs. M. Burrows (Wellington)

Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Cameron

Miss M. J. Cameron (Napier)

Mr. and Mrs. Chillingworth (Wellington)

Miss C. Black (Lyttelton)

Mr. J. Clark (Capetown to Wellington)

Mrs. S. Clarkson (Lyttelton)

Miss F. M. Cole (Auckland)

Rev. and Mrs. S. G. Compton, Master B. Compton (Wellington)

Mr. T. Cornish (Port Chalmers)

Mr. and Mrs. Dinnicombe and daughters (Timaru)

Mr. W. Findlay (Lyttelton)

Mr. J. P. Frend (Wellington)

Mr. Griffiths (Auckland)

Mr. D. Haining (Port Chalmers)

Mr. E. Herbert (Wellington)

Mr. D. S. Hewitt (Wellington)

Mrs. B. Horder and sons (Port Chalmers)

Mr. and Mrs. Isles and son (Wellington)

Miss A. R. Jackson (Auckland)

Mr. and Mrs. G. L. James and daughters (Wellington)

Mr. A. Johnson (Wellington)

Miss A. Jordan (Auckland)

Mr. J. King (Wellington)

Miss K. C. Lloyd (Nelson)

Mrs. W. J. McLeod (Lyttelton)

Mr. R. P. Marsh (Wellington)

Mrs. A. Massie (Port Chalmers)

Miss K. Moor (Port Chalmers)

Mr. T. B. Mottershead (Melbourne)

Mr. and Mrs. J. Taylor and daughters (Auckland)

Mr. and Mrs. E. Needham and son (Auckland)

Miss E. E. Norman (Wellington)

Mrs. J. C. Paterson, Miss Paterson (Wellington)

Mrs. J. Redmayne (Lyttelton)

Miss I. Roberts (Napier)

Miss B. S. Robertson (Port Chalmers)

Mr. and Mrs. T. Rodda. Mr. B. Rodda (Lyttelton)

Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Salmon, Miss R. Salmon (Wellington)

Mr. H. Smith (Wellington)

Rev. E. I. Sola, Mrs. Sola (Wanganui)

Mrs. F. Steel (Lyttelton)

Mr. R. C. M. Taitt (Lyttelton)

Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Whittle and daughter (Lyttelton)

Mr. M. V. Wilbraham (Wellington)

Mr. K. Wilson (Wellington)

Mr. and Mrs. J. Wood (Lyttelton)

Mrs. E. Woodman (Nelson)


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