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The SUFFOLK departed Liverpool on 18 August 1906 and arrived in Auckland via Capetown, on 9 October 1906, with Captain Priske in command.



Transcribed from the Auckland Star, 9 October 1906.






Suffolk, s.s 7317, Priske, from Liverpool and Capetown.





Mr. Mrs. and Miss Bomhill, Mr. Richards.




Misses - Brown, Fegan (6), Schole (4),

Mesdames - Brown, E. Hardman, Fegan, Barnes and 3 children, Leadbeater, Laslett, Neilson, Schole,

Messrs - L. W. Hardman, J. Ling, W. Dunster, R. Rae, A. C. Cannell, T. G. Ayers, G. Fegan and 2 sons, W. Porteous, B. Hay, J. Dickens, J. Oldham, Eaves (2), A. J. Leadbeater, W. T. Miles, H. Laslett, A. Thomson, B. Trickett, J. Neilsen, Neilson (2), T. Glynn, T. Ballard, J. Christie, W. J. Pennall, Dimsbee, C. Schoel, R. Chandler, H. Brielle, J. Emslie, Gordon.





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