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The STAR OF INDIA departed London on 30 July, 1874 and arrived in Wellington, on 
10 November, 1874, with Captain Holloway in command.

Transcribed from the Evening Post, 10 November 1874, Page 2 

Star of India, ship, 1004 tons, Captain Holloway, from London was worked into harbor this morning very skillfully by Pilot Holmes and
anchored a short distance from the wharf. She has made the passage out in 104 days and experienced fine weather throughout. 

The Star of India has had a remarkably fine, although rather long, passage of 104 days. She brings 374 immigrants, who are reported in
excellent health. Five deaths occurred during the passage, two being those of a father and child, the former committing suicide by jumping
overboard with the child in his arms.

This passenger list was transcribed from the images on the Family Search website.

Adult/Child Age Gender County Occupation Remarks

Families and Children

MOFFATT John A 39 male Shetland Farmer

Margaret A 39 female

John C 3 male

Elizabeth C 1 female

JAMIESON Mary A 37 female Shetland Cook
MOFFATT Jerome A 25 male Shetland Farm Lab

BENNETT William A 36 male Worcester Carpenter

Elizabeth A 27 female

Fredk. Wm. C 1 male

BIANCHI Alfred A 30 male Lancashire Shepherd

Florence A 26 female

Edith C 7 female

Alice C 3 female

George C 1 male

BAGNALL Josiah A 23 male Staffs Labourer

Fanny A 23 female

COOPER John A 31 male Derby Labourer

Mary Ann A 28 female

Wilfred C 6 male

Arnold C 6m male

BASHFORD James A 41 male Kent Shepherd

Elizabeth A 38 female

Edward A 18 male Kent Labourer

Elizabeth A 16 female Kent

James C 8 male

Emily C 6 female

Fanny C 4 female

Louisa C 3 female

Frank C 10m male

CHARLTON Joseph A 26 male Surrey Carpenter

Martha A 30 female

Annie C 3 female

Sarah L C 1 female

CHESTER Calvin A 19 male Middlesex Gl. Labourer

Mary A A 19 female

CHOTE John A 38 male Herts Bricklayer

Hannah A 39 female

William A 12 male Herts

Mary Ann A 15 female Herts

Harry C 9 male

Arthur C 7 male

John C

GUTHRIE George A 36 male Middlesex Carpenter

Caroline A 30 female

Caroline C 11 female

Emily C 8 female

George C 6 male

Lissey C 4 female

Charles C 1 male

Alice C 5m female

GANDING William A 24 male Jersey Sailmaker

Camilla A 24 female


HASSALL James A 53 male Middlesex Carpenter

Charlotte A 34 female

Edward S C 10 male

George C 7 male

Alfred C 2 male

HANCOCK Jno. A 35 male Somerset Bootmaker

Sarah A 33 female

Henry C 1w male


HATCHER James A 38 male Wilts Bootmaker

Elizabeth A 30 female

William C 8 male

Elizabeth C 4 female

Maria C 3 female

Thirza C 1 female

HOLMES Henry A 24 male Kent Labourer

Martha A 24 female

HAWORTH Thos. A 23 male Lancashire Labourer

Ellen A 21 female

JAMES Josiah A 29 male Cornwall Farm Lab

Priscilla A 30 female

William H C 9 male

Ernest C 3 male

Thos. A C 2 male

JINKS Samuel A 30 male Stafford Gardener

Mary A 29 female

Jane C 8 female

Eliza C 6 female

MOORE Robert A 27 male Armagh Bootmaker

Mary A 22 female

Mary E C 4 female

David C 1 male

LOMAX Charles A 24 male Lancaster Carpenter

Mary A 24 female

TAIT James A 53 male Shetland Farmer

Elizabeth A 45 female

Christopher A 22 male Shetland Farmer

Barbara A 18 female Shetland Servant

John A 16 male Shetland Farmer

James A 14 male Shetland Farmer

Mitchell A 11 male

Arthur C 8 male

Elizabeth C 6 female

MCGERRIGLE Danl. A 39 male Derry Cooper

Matilda A 36 female

Thos. K A 12 male Derry

MOORE Henry A 34 male Gloucestershire Gl. Labourer

Mary E A 29 female

Emily J C 7 female

Thos. P C 5 male

William H C 1m male

PERRETT Robt. A 38 male Wilts Brickmaker

Sarah A 36 female

George C 10 male

Harry C 6 male

Frank C 1 male

PHILLIPS James A 40 male Somerset Farm Lab

Charlotte A 33 female

Elicia A 12 female Somerset

James C 8 male

Mary Ann C 5 female

Thomas C 1 male

OSBORNE James A 36 male Surrey Carpenter

Charlotte A 34 female

Fanny A 18 female Surrey Servant

Lucy A 16 female Surrey

Laura C 9 female

Alexander C 7 male

WARD Joseph A 44 male Surrey Bootmaker

Elizabeth A 42 female

Elizabeth A 20 female Surrey Servant

Geraldine A 18 female Surrey Servant

Anne A 16 female Surrey Servant

Helenor A 13 female Surrey

Hestor C 11 female

Frank C 9 male

Albert C 6 male

WEBB Henry A 25 male Cambridge Raily. Lab

Linda A 21 female

WILKES Edward A 33 male Warwick Ploughman

Mary Ann A 27 female

Willm. E C 6 male

George A C 4 male

Tom C 1 male

WAKELIN Arthur A 39 male Oxford Carpenter

Elizth. A 40 female

Agnes A 13 female Oxford

Arthur C 2 male

WARD Henry A 38 male Berks Gl. Labourer

Phoebe A 35 female

Henry A W C 10 male

William J C 4 male

Frank W C 2 male

WALBRIDGE Henry A 40 male Dorset Farm Lab.

Elizabeth A 26 female

Emily C 9 female

Elizabeth C 4 female

W. James C 1 male

TOOP Richd. N A 37 male Devon Carpenter

Catherine A A 36 female

Ann C A 17 female

Alexander A 12 male Devon

Mailblin C 10 female

Catherine C 8 female

Ellen C 6 female

Rose C 4 female

Elizabeth C 2w female

THURGAR Robert A 36 male Middlesex Carpenter

Ann A 36 female

John A 15 male Middlesex

Rose C 11 female

Anne C 8 female

Ada C 2 female

SHIRLEY Moses A 39 male Hampshire Farm Lab.

Mary A A 34 female

Charles A 17 male Hampshire Labourer

James A 15 male Hampshire Labourer

Elizabeth A 12 female Hampshire

William C 9 male

George C 6 male

Edward C 2 male

SALTER Jabez A 40 male Suffolk Bricklayer

Eliza A 29 female

Willm. M C 2 male

Ellen R C 1 female

Eliza A C 7m female

SINNOTT Thomas A 35 male Dublin Shoemaker

Susanna A 28 female

Susanna C 6 female

Mary J C Inft female

SAVAGE Eliza A 23 female Dublin Cook

STREETER James A 36 male Surrey Gl. Labourer

Jane A 34 female

Frederick C 10 male

Louisa C 8 female

Emma C 1 female

RODWELL Payne A 44 male Cambridge Labourer

Catherine A 39 female

William A 14 male Cambridge Labourer

Anne A 13 female Cambridge

George A 13 male Cambridge

Elizabeth A 12 female Cambridge

SAUNDERS Richd. A 35 male Kent Farm Lab

Ann A 28 female

John A 14 male Kent Farm Lab

Emily A 12 female Kent

George C 10 male

Timothy C 8 male

Elizabeth C 6 female

Edward C 1 male

REED James A 30 male Surrey Carpenter

Harriet A 30 female

Fanny C 9 female

Harriet C 6 female

Laura C 3 female

James C 2 male

Lloyd C 1m male

PALLETT John A 35 male Hertford Bricklayer

Eliza M A 21 female

Mary J C 2 female

HENLEY Willm. A 39 male Sussex Carpenter

Maria A 35 female

Amelia A 15 female Sussex

Willm. A 13 male Sussex

Clara C 11 female

Harry C 9 male

Archibald C 7 male

Rose C 5 female

Frederick C 3 male

Eva C 2 female

Kate C 2m female

WALMESLEY James A 25 male Lancashire Plasterer

Elizabeth A 25 female

BRINSDON Edd. R A 31 male Wilts Currier

Ellen J A 31 female

Mary S C 6 female

William C 4 male

Edward C 3 male

John C 3m male

CLARK Richard A 54 male -- Gunsmith

Louisa A 54 female

FORDE James A 36 male Galway Farm Lab

Bridget A 34 female

James C 10 male

John C 6 male

Patrick C 4 male

Mary C 9m female

WARREN John A 55 male Cornwall Farm Lab

Jane A 50 female

Wm. Hy. A 19 male Cornwall Labourer

Eliza J C 11 female

MOSES Richard A 32 male Wales Blacksmith

Sarah A 31 female

William C 6 male

Joseph C 3 male

Thomas C 6m male

WATKINS Simon A 44 male Monmouth Blacksmith

Ann A 43 female

Charles A 22 male Monmouth Blacksmith

Thomas A 18 male Monmouth Labourer

Frederic A 16 male Monmouth Smiths Stricker

William C 11 male

Albert C 7 male

Henry C 7 male

Single Men

GARLAND John A 23 male Devon Farm Lab
NORRISH Nicholas A 33 male Devon Farm Lab
KAY Edward A 16 male Jersey Farm Lab

BRIGGS Phenise?? A 18 male Antrim Farm Lab

BAGNALL James A 25 male Worcestershire Labourer

BULLARS Wm. A 24 male Derbyshire Groom 

CHARLES David A 23 male Leicestershire Farm Lab

William A 21 male

CHALLIS Fredk. A 18 male Cambridge Labourer

COMMINS Alenby J A 17 male Devon Labourer

CROAD Harry A 19 male Hampshire Labourer

DENCHARS John A 32 male Forfar Labourer

FALCONER James A 19 male Caithness Shepherd

FALCONER Wm. A 25 male Caithness Shepherd

HAYWARD Jacob A 23 male Hampshire Farm Lab

KIRBY Patrick A 21 male Limerick Gl. Labourer

LEAR Richd. Hy. A 20 male Devon Farm Lab

MEALING Wm. A 23 male Bucks Farm Lab

THORNTON Edwin A 17 male Oxford Farm Lab

SMITH James A 23 male Oxford Shepherd

John A 18 male

SLATER Henry A 30 male Cambridge Carpenter


SLIDONNS David A 31 male Perth Shepherd

SHAW Thos. A 21 male Norfolk Smith

SIMPSON Harry A 21 male Yorks Carpenter

ROWE John A 23 male Gloucestershire Shoemaker

MAY James A 27 male Surrey Labourer

MACKIE James A 20 male Aberdeenshire Tailor

KER Geo. A 16 male Lanarkshire Farming

CARTER Felix T A 17 male Sussex Clerk

BRETEL Adolphus A 18 male Jersey Shoemaker

BAKER John A 24 male Somerset Groom

HOGAN Timothy A 22 male Clare Navvy

READ Samuel A 24 male Kent Painter

WHELAN Patrick A 19 male Clare Labourer

NAISMITH Alexr. A 48 male Lanarkshire Gardener

NICHOLSON Thos. A 33 male Lancashire Labourer

James W A 15 male

Single Women

CARTER Jane M A 47 female Sussex

BRETEL Amelia A 22 female Jersey Housemaid

Eugene A 20 female

GORDON Helen A 25 female Middlesex Servant Submatron

O'ROURKE Minnie A 21 female Cork Servant

NEIL Agnes A 24 female Lanarkshire Housemaid

SIMMONDS Lilla E A 19 female Surrey Housemaid

SIMMONDS Eliza A 27 female Middlesex House Keeper

WHEELER Sarah A A 25 female Wilts Servant

Ellen A 17 female

MOORE Elizabeth A 26 female Lancashire Cook

HOGAN Honoria A 18 female Clare Servant

REID Jane A 64 female Fife Dressmaker

FINNERLY Mary A 20 female Galway Servant

NICHOLSON Margaret H A 29 female Lancashire Servant

Janet A 27 female Lancashire Servant

Josephine A 19 female Lancashire Servant

Isabella C 5 female

Selected by the Colonists Aid Corporation

Families and Children

PALMER James A 45 male Surrey Sawyer

Sarah A A 30 female

Philip C 11 male

Sarah J C 5 female

Thomas C 2 male

Louisa C 5m female

GARDINER Wm. A 41 male Surrey Sawyer

Elizabeth A 32 female

Catherine A 17 female

Emma C 10 female

AYRES John A 35 male Surrey Gl. Labourer

Ellen A 32 female


BOX George A 29 male Worcester Labourer

Hannah A 26 female

Abugail C 3 female

DOWNEY Harry A 21 male Suffolk Blacksmith

Emma A 22 female

Kate C 2m female

HICKFORD Henry A 32 male Suffolk Farm Lab

Augusta A 35 female

Harry A 12 male Suffolk

George C 10 male

David C 8 male

Alice C 6 female

Arthur C 4 male

Frank C 2 male


PUNT Richard A 48 male Warwick Labourer

Nancy A 47 female

John A 20 male Warwick

William A 16 male Warwick

Richard C 10 male

James C 7 male

LOWE John A 41 male Kings Co. Farm Lab

Bridget A 39 female

Ann M C 10 female

Wm. S C 2 male

JENNINGS Henry A 27 male Surrey Gl. Labourer

Jane C A 25 female

Single Men

ADSETT John A 23 male Surrey Sawyer

JACOBS John A 32 male Stafford Labourer

BOND George A 20 male Cornwall Carpenter

SMITH Charles A 16 male Hampshire Blacksmith

William A 14 male

OLIVER Richard A 26 male Cornwall Carpenter

Edwin A 24 male Cornwall Carpenter

Alfred A 23 male Cornwall Carpenter

Edgar J A 19 male Cornwall Carpenter

Aladin A 14 male Cornwall Carpenter

Ethebert A 13 male

Single Women

GARDENER Cathe. A 17 female Surrey

SMITH Matilda A 39 female Hampshire Servant

Victor C 10 male

Sidney C 8 male

Joseph C 6 male

Alice M C 3 female

DEVONPORT Louisa A 19 female

OLIVER Elizabeth A 45 female Cornwall Servant

Henrietta A 21 female
Sempstress (Seamstress)

Adelaine A 18 female

Lavinia A 34 female

Sarah A 32 female
Sempstress (Seamstress)

LEGUAY Margt. A 26 female Somerset Servant

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