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The SOUTHERN CROSS departed from Gravesend on 24 May, 1857 and arrived in Wellington on 21 September,

1857, with Captain Geo. Charlton in command.


Transcribed from the Wellington Independent for Wednesday, 23 September, 1857. Page 2.


Southern Cross,  ?? tons, Charlton from London.



Mr. & Mrs. Martelli, Master Martelli

Mr. Richardson

Captain & Mrs. Thomas

Miss Jessie Moodie

Mr. J. H. Baldwin

Mr. C. T. Baldwin

Miss Bateman

Mr. George Charlton

Mr. Morrison

Dr. Owen Davis


10 second class Passengers.



Richard Offwood and family

John Collins

George Vale

Henry Burgess & wife

George McDarkes and family

John Dillon and family

Joseph Combs

William Walker and wife

John Wilkinson

James Hays and wife

James Milton

James McCarty and family

Peter Harwood

Stephen Freeman

George Clark

John Dwyer

James Driscoll and family

Richard Beal

William Lawrence

Alfred W. Cox

James Fitzgerald and family

William Ottera and family

John Leary and family

John Murray and wife

John Pratt and family

Jas. S. Halford and family

Patrick Delahunt

Michael Creany

John Blair and family

Daniel Hegarty and family

Alfred Hobbs

Reuben King

John McCarthy

Edward Wakelin and family

Henry Smith

William Flood and family

William Longhurst and family


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