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The SOLENT departed London on 27 April, 1857 and arrived in Auckland on 30 July, 1857, with Captain Martin Brooks in command.



Transcribed from the Daily Southern Cross, 31 July 1857, Page 2



July 30 — Solent, ship, 833 tons, Capt. Brooks, from London.


Passengers -




Major Stack

Mrs. Stack

Mr. Henry De Burgh Adams (Purveyor Medical Staff)

Mrs. H. De Burgh Adams

Mr. Arthur Bull

Mrs. Williamson

Mr. Richmond

Mr. Hastings

Mr. Wood­ward

Mr. and Mrs. Pigeon and child

Mr. Pitt

Mr. Broome

Mr. Vores

Mr. Knight

Mr. and Mrs. Weekes


Second Cabin:


Alexander Brown

Adam Clarke

Henry Playsted

David Farrow

Wm. Taylor


Third Cabin:


Frederick Bennett, wife, and 3 children

Robert Haworth

Elizabeth Burwood

David Anderson and wife

Martha Crank

James Drummond

Andrew Drummond

John Williams

James Fleming

Charles B. Lavender

Richard Tyack

Josiah Dell, wife, and 2 children

George Bolton, wife, and child

Thos. Horsfall and wife

Thos. Crago, wife, and 10 children

Wm. Parker and wife

Henry Holman

James Flynn

Charles Hammond, wife, and 9 children

Henry Maiden and wife

Hercules Bruntly


Total, 61 passengers



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