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The SEBASTOPOL departed Gravesend on 17 January 1863 and arrived at Lyttelton on 21 May 1863
under the command of Captain D Taylor.

This passenger list was transcribed from the images on the Family Search website.

Family Name
Sex Age Occupation County/


Adie John J Male 23 Farm Labourer Aberdeenshire
Aldridge Albert Male 19 Labourer Gloucestershire
Anderson William Male 19 Ploughman Lanarkshire
Anderson Jane Female 21

Armitage William Male 17 Labourer Lanarkshire
Baker Sarah Ann Female 19 Domestic Servant Essex
Baldwin Emma Female 20 Domestic Servant Middlesex
Banks Donald Male 22 Farm Labourer Caithness
Baxter William Male 25 Farm Labourer Antrim
Baxter Ellen Female 24

Baxter William Male 4

Bear James P Male
Beck Mary E Female 19 Domestic Servant Armagh
Beesley Mary Female 26 Domestic Servant Lanarkshire
Billens William E Male 38 Gold-chaser Middlesex
Blakeley William Jno Male 44 Labourer Down
Blakeley Mary Female 43

Blakeley Jane Female 20 Domestic Servant Down
Brown David Male 22 Ploughman Lanarkshire
Bryant William Male 24

Bryant Louisa Female 19

Burke William Male 28 Labourer Down
Burke Rebecca Female 26

Byrne Patrick Male 26 Labourer Wicklow
Byrne Thomas Male 24 Labourer Wicklow
Byrne Ann Male 20

Campbell James Male 24 Farm Labourer Antrim
Campbell Mary Ann Female 25

Campbell Mary Jane Female 4mths

Crawley Martha Female 23 Housekeeper Middlesex
Croft James Male 30 Smith Bedfordshire
Croft Mary Female 33

Cusack Patrick Male 31 Tailor Clare
Cusack Catherine Female 30

Cusack Thomas Male 11

Cusack Martin Male 6

Cusack Bridget Female 6mths

Dappet Philip Male 27 Farm Labourer Germany
Dappet Mary Female 27

Dappet Philippina Female Infant

Dineen Jeremiah Male 23 Farm Labourer Cork
Duggin Ellen Female 28 Dressmaker Middlesex
Ellenberger Jacob Male 26 Baker Germany
Ellenberger Maria Female 24 Domestic Servant Germany
Esselborn Gertrude Female 18 Domestic Servant Germany
Falloon Mary Female 25 Domestic Servant Armagh
Falloon Sarah Female 23 Domestic Servant Armagh
Falloon William J  Male 21 Farm Labourer Armagh
Falloon Elizabeth Female 20 Domestic Servant Tyrone
Findt Charles Male 21 Farm Labourer Germany
Gardner Andrew Male 49 Farm Labourer Fifeshire
Gardner Euphemia Female 45

Gardner Elizabeth Female 22 Domestic Servant Fifeshire
Gardner Hugh Male 20 Farm Labourer Fifeshire
Gardner John Male 18 Farm Labourer Fifeshire
Gardner Andrew Male 16 Farm Labourer Fifeshire
Gardner Margaret Female 8

Hale Eliza  Female 24 Domestic Servant Armagh
Hamilton George Male 39 Ploughman Lanarkshire
Hamilton Mary Female 40

Hamilton Janet Female 9

Hamilton Mary Female 5

Hamilton George Male 4

Hoffmeister Henry Male 24 Carpenter Germany
Hoffmeister Charles Male 22 Bootmaker Germany
Hooper Francis Male 23 Bootmaker Middlesex
Hooper Emma H Female 22

Hooper Stephen Male 21 Labourer Dorsetshire
Housman William Male 22 Dyer Germany
Hunt Ann J Female 30 Cook Kent
Hutcheson Margaret Female 21 Domestic Servant Armagh
Innes Frank Male 28 Ploughman Caithness
Irvine Ann Jane Female 22 Domestic Servant Armagh
Johnson Charlotte Female 46

Johnson Thomas Male 41 Farm Labourer Gloucestershire
Johnson Sarah A Female 21 Domestic Servant Gloucestershire
Johnson Ann Female 20

Johnson James Male 15 Labourer Gloucestershire
Johnson Maria Female 11

Johnson Thomas Male 8

Johnston Margaret A Female 26 Domestic Servant Yorkshire
Johnston Geo. Jas. Male 22 Labourer Yorkshire
Kissel Heinrich Male 34 Carpenter Germany
Kissel Philippina Female 29

Kissel Henry Male 2

Kissel Elizabeth Female 7weeks

Lacey Annie Female 25 Domestic Servant Cork
Latto James Male 34 Ploughman Fifeshire
Latto Mary Female 36

Latto William Male 9

Latto George Male 7

Latto James Male 5

Latto David Male 3

Legg James Male 23 Farm Labourer Antrim
Legg Mary Female 23

Legg Edward Male 7mths

Lemmon John Male 24 Labourer Banffshire
Lippenberger Peter Male 40 Farm Labourer Germany
Lippenberger Barbara Female 30

Lippenberger Gertrude Female 17 Domestic Servant Germany
Lippenberger Katherine Female 15 Domestic Servant Germany
Lippenberger Charles Male 11

Lippenberger Magdalene Female 9

Lippenberger Philip Male 7

Lippenberger Elizabeth Female 4

Loney Joseph Male 19 Farm Labourer Armagh
Loney Ann Female 17 Domestic Servant Armagh
Loney Jane Female 15 Domestic Servant Armagh
Maher James Male 22 Labourer Queens
Maltman Andrew Male 47 Ploughman Perthshire
Maltman Elizabeth Female 36

Maltman Andrew Male 11

Maltman Betsy Female 9

McDonald James Male 32 Shepherd Invernesshire
McInness John Male 27 Ploughman Ayrshire
McInness Donald Male 25 Ploughman Ayrshire
McKay Alexander Male

McKinlay Margaret Female 19 Dairymaid Lanarkshire
Menges Jacob Male 27 Farm Labourer Germany
Milne Alexander Male 33 Ploughman Kincardineshire
Morris Mary Ann Female 31
Morris Catherine Female 8

Murray James Male 30 Millwright Lanarkshire
Murray Thomas Male 27 Farm Labourer Banffshire
Murray Roderick Male

Neiss Frederick Male 25 Farm Labourer Germany
Newman Agnes Female 27 Domestic Servant Middlesex
Newman William Henry Male 20 Cutler Middlesex
Nicolson Angus Male 26 Farm Labourer Invernesshire
Pollock William Male 22 Ploughman Lanarkshire
Pollock Ann Female 24

Robinson Thomas Male 26 Farm Labourer Yorkshire
Ruddock Edward Male 22 Farm Labourer Armagh
Ruddock Anne Female 23

Ruddock Jane Female 19 Domestic Servant Armagh
Ruddock William Male 17 Farm Labourer Armagh
Schuich Dorothea Female 26 Domestic Servant Germany
Schwartz Jacob Male 44 Butcher Germany
Schwartz Barbara Female 19 Domestic Servant Germany
Schwartz Henrietta Female 17 Domestic Servant Germany
Scott William Male 41

Scott Marion Female 40

Scott John Male 22 Tailor Lanarkshire
Scott George Male 19 Farm Labourer Lanarkshire
Scott Thomas Male 18 Farm Labourer Lanarkshire
Scott Agnes Female 13
Scott Mary Female 11

Scott Frank Male 8

Scott William Male 3

Seyl Catherine Female 23 Domestic Servant Germany
Shine Mary A  Female 24 Laundress Middlesex
Stephenson Christopher Male 25 Bricklayer Durham
Symington Margaret Female 21 Dairymaid Lanarkshire
Thorn William H Male 17 Tanner Gloucestershire
Tinkgraf Charles A Male 27 Schoolmaster Germany
Tisch Christina Female 55
Todd James Male 26 Carpenter Lanarkshire
Todd Elizabeth Female 26

Todd William Male 4

Todd Alexander Male 2

Trelearen James Male 25 Farm Labourer Devonshire
Vallance Mary E Female 31 Housekeeper Devonshire
Von Rotz Casper Male

Watts Elizabeth Female 20 Domestic Servant Wiltshire
Whyte William Male 43 Farm Labourer Perthshire
Whyte Margaret Female 43

Whyte William Male 23 Farm Labourer Perthshire
Whyte Peter Male 21 Farm Labourer Perthshire
Whyte James Male 19 Farm Labourer Perthshire
Whyte Margaret Female 17 Domestic Servant Perthshire
Whyte Robert Male 14 Farm Labourer Perthshire
Whyte Janet Female 9

Whyte Adam Male 6

Widdop Jabez Male 35 Plasterer Yorkshire
Widdop Margaret Female 35

Widdop Henry Male 14
Widdop Florauda Female 10

Widdop Lilly Female 5

Widdop William Male

Young Thomas Male 30 Millwright Lanarkshire
Young Janet Female 33 Domestic Servant Lanarkshire
Young Jane Female 26 Domestic Servant Lanarkshire

* Name crossed out


Families & Children

Single Men
Page No.

Page No.

1 14& 2
16 13
2 9
17 11
3 12
18 14
4 13
19 9
5 8
20 5
6 6

7 3

Total 160 & 2

Cost of Passage Money to Provincial Government 2060/10 (1)

Cash 880 (2)

Promissory Notes 458/10 (3)

Bills from friends in colony 306 (4)

Present cost (2)-(1)= 1180/10

Ultimate Cost 470/5 (Difference between (1) & (2), (3) & (4)

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