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The RUAPEHU departed London on 28 August, 1889 and arrived in Wellington, via Plymouth, Teneriffe, Capetown and Hobart, on 13 October, 1889, with Captain E A Findlay in command.


Transcribed from the Evening Post, 14 October 1889, Page 2




The N.Z.B. Co.'s R.M.S. Ruapehu, Captain Findlay, arrived at 5.30 yesterday morning. She left Plymouth at 7 pm on 29th August, and armed at Teneriffe at 9 am on 3rd September; sailed at 8.40 pm, experienced calm weather across the Bay of Biscay, but dense fog and light variable winds from Teneriffe to Capetown, arriving at the latter port at 5.30 on 18th; started again at 10.40 pm, had strong winds from the Cape to 100dg E., when a strong gale from the South with heavy head sea was encountered; Hobart was reached at 10.30 am on the 8th instant, and after landing 13 saloon and 25 steerage passengers and 180 tons of cargo proceeded at 7.30 same evening; very heavy swell with variable winds were experienced until arrival as above. On the 27th September part of a blade of her propeller broke off. The usual amusements were indulged in during the voyage, and Captain Findlay and officers were presented with two testimonials — one from the saloon and one from the second saloon passengers — for the attention paid to them. The Ruapehu sails for Lyttelton to-morrow. Following is a list of her passengers:—

For Wellington:


Mrs and Miss Lovett

Messrs Lovett and Johnston (2)


Misses Parsons, Gerrard and Red

Mesdames Gerrard, Parsons and 3 boys

Messrs Gadsby,Bamford, McDonald, Bates, Clark and Courtenay


Misses Pheaton, Harris and Emmerton (2)

Mesdames Harris and Rankin

Messrs Wilson, Oakin, Pinkay, Harris, Chard, Rodgers, Cleary, McCormack, Hinsch, Lloyd and Stoddart

For other ports:


Misses Case and Boughen

Mesdames Marjoribanks and boy

Colledge and boy

Mr Dalston


Misses Drake (2), Sadler (2), Ogers and Wallace

Mesdames Wallace, Sadler, Hewes, Drake, Green, Webb and boy

Messrs Musgrave, White, Wilson, Broadbent, Keech, Wallace, Johnson, Drake and 2 boys

Steerage— 74


* * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Transcribed from the Star (Christchurch), 14 October, 1889, Page 3.


The RMS Ruapehu arrived from London at 5.30 this morning. She left London on August 28, Capetown on September 18 and Hobart on October 8th. Experienced rough weather when running down her easting, and shipped a good deal of water both fore and aft. Her mails included 256 bags, 6 packets, and 18 boxes parcel post. The voyage occupied forty three days twenty two hours; actual steaming time forty two days twenty hours.


Passengers for Lyttelton -

Saloon -

Mrs and Master Colledge

Miss Case

Mr Dalston

Mrs Green

Messrs Musgrave, White and Winslow.


Steerage -

Mrs Bates

Mr and Miss Bayliss

Misses Commander (2)

Mr and Mrs Emmett

Mr and Mrs Bowden  and family

Messrs Duler,Neek (2), Bates (3), H. Cox, J. Malcomson, J. Wakeford, and J. Watkins

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