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The RUAPEHU departed London on 9 September, 1903 and arrived in Wellington, via Teneriffe, Capetown and Hobart, on 28 October, 1903. The ship was under the command of Captain Francis Mayoss.


Transcribed from the Evening Post, Wednesday, 28 October, 1903, Page 4.



The New Zealand Shipping Company's liner Ruapehu, from London via Capetown and Hobart, arrived in the stream at 6.35 this morning, and was berthed at about 9 o'clock. The vessel left London on 11th September, and encountered very heavy sea in the Channel. From Plymouth, which was left behind on the 12th, to arrival at Teneriffe on the 17th fine weather was experienced. After a stoppage of five hours at Teneriffe, the vessel left for Capetown, which was reached on 3rd October, after a pleasant run with fine weather and light south-east trades. After a short stay the voyage was continued to Hobart. Four large icebergs and innumerable small pieces of ice were sighted one day, and on another occasion as many as six were passed. The weather continued fine until the 20th, when a heavy gale was encountered. A big sea was shipped, which did some damage to the upper deck. Hobart was reached on the 23rd. About 983 cases of rabbits, the last shipment of the season, were taken in, and the vessel left the same day for Wellington. Across the Tasman Sea the weather was foggy until yesterday. Cape Farewell was passed at 3 o'clock last night, and the vessel arrived in the stream as above. The Wellington cargo amounts to about 5000 tons, including a quantity of rails and material for the electric tramways. The balance of the cargo is for Lyttelton.


The vessel brings the following passengers for New Zealand:—

From London for Wellington—

First saloon:

Misses - Ackland, Collie, Wallis,

Mesdames - Kennedy and infant, Collie,

Messrs - Collie, Kennedy, McKelvie;

Second saloon:

Miss Minton,

Mesdames - Hawkins, Minton,

Rev. Hermon,

Mr. Bowater,

Master Hawkins

For Lyttelton—

First saloon:

Miss Hay,

Mr. Westland,

Second saloon:

Misses – Haste, Jennings,

Mrs. Fitzgerald,

Messrs - Brook, Connal, Drummond, McFarlane.


For Auckland—

First saloon:

Misses - Cameron (?),

Mrs. Cameron,

Mr. Trower,

Second saloon:

Misses - Morgatroyd (2), Jarvis, Donald,

Mesdames - Hunt, Jarvis,

Messrs- Cloke, Donald, Drummond, Hunt, Henderson, Mundell,


For New Plymouth—

First Saloon:

Mrs. Sloan, Dr Sloan,

Second saloon:

Mr. Brewer,


For Napier—

First saloon:

Misses - Wenley (2),

Mesdames - Gordon and maid, Smith, Wenley and maid, Hon Smith,

Messrs Gordon, Wenley,

Masters Gordon (2), Wenley,


For Wanganui—

First saloon:

Misses - Anderson, Wilson,


For Picton—

First saloom:

Misses Dillon (2).


For Timaru—

Second saloon:

Mrs. Bush, Mr. Bush, Masters Bush (3).


For Oamaru—

First saloon:

Mrs. Campbell,

Messrs - Campbell (2), Earle,

Second saloon:

Miss Wardlan


For Port Chalmers—

Second saloon:

Misses - Barry, Boreham (2), Scanton,

Mesdames - Boreham, Finch, Green,

Rev. Boreham,

Mr. Donnachie,


For Greymouth

Second saloon:

Dr. Mandl,


From Capetown for Wellington—

Second saloon:

Mr. Matheson.


For Auckland-

First saloon:

Mr. Beddington,


For Napier—

First saloon:

Mr. Watt,


For Port Chalmers—

First saloon:

Mr. Johnston,

There are also 134 third class passengers for all ports.

Captain F. Mayoss is in command of the steamer and he has with him the following officers:- Chief Mr. N. Cornwall; second, Mr. H. E. Whitehead; third, Mr. J. H. Squires; fourth, Mr. W. Wingate. Mr. Somerville is now in charge of the engineering department, Mr. Barbour being second, Mr. R. Pattison, third, and Mr. Gordon fourth, Dr Gairdner is surgeon.


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