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The SS RUAPEHU left London on 7 May, 1887, arriving in Auckland on 19 June, 1887 with
165 immigrants for many parts of New Zealand. The Captain was F D Bell and the
Surgeon Superintendant; Dr. J. Lovett de Wolfe.
"This is a list of Emigrants expected to proceed in the Steam Ship Ruapehu to Auckland
on the 7th day of May 1887"
Passenger list transcribed from Archives New Zealand, Ref. Repro Im 15/485 & Im 5/4/43
kindly supplied by Carol Fennings (an ex. Kiwi) of Vancouver.
Marital Age
Surname First Name Status M F County Occupation
Immigrants for Auckland
Gibson Georgina Single 25 Chester Dom. Servant
Hodgson John Married 40 Durham Miner
Catherine Married 38 Yorks
Jonathan Single 21 Durham
Manley Emma Single 28 Somerset Cook
Rowan Hugh Married 30 Mayo Labourer
Mary Married 28
James B Child 7
Mary Child 4
Sarah Child 1
Snow Jane Single 39 Yorkshire To husband
Hannah M Single 12
John Geo. Child 10
Thomas M Child 8
James J Child 5
Kenish Robert Single 19 Isle of Man Farm Labr.
Immigrants for Canterbury
Bourke Patrick Single 23 Kerry Carpenter
Connor Patrick Single 22 Kerry Labourer
Cunningham Patrick Single 31 Wicklow Farm Labr.
Grace Peter Single 28 Tipperary Farm Labr.
Grace Michael Single 26 Tipperary Farm Labr.
Hickey Timothy Single 23 Cork Farm Labr.
Hudson Thomas Single 19 Lancashire Carman & Labr.
Reed Ann Single 21 Middlesex Gen. Servant
Reid Patrick Single 24 Antrim Farm Labr.
Reid Jane Single 35 Aberdeen Housemaid
Macnamara Mary Single 58 Cork Nil
Mahoney Michael Single 20 Limerick Farmer
Mahoney Bridget Single 23 Kerry Dom. Servant
Mathews Ellen A Single 15 Devon Servant
Mercer Richard Single 21 Armagh Farmer
Metcalfe Emma Single 19 Cambridge Dress Maker
Tuohy Patrick Single 21 Kerry Ag. Labr.
Upton Mary 22 Shropshire Kitchenmaid
Immigrants for Hawkes Bay
Carvolth Elizth. J Single 37 Cornwall Milliner
Richard I Child 4
Gladys M Child
Combrisson Olimpia Single 25 Italy Nursery Govns.
Condie William Single 26 Fife Cabinet Maker
Condon Mary Single 22 Tipperary Dom. Servant
Gearin Kate Single 16 Limerick Dairy Maid
Hickey James Single 24 Tipperary Constable
Hickey Ellen Single 21 Tipperary Dom. Servant
Nielsen Bernhardt Single 21 Denmark Moulder
Ryan Kate Single 26 Tipperary Dom. Servant
Scullen David Single 19 Londonderry Farm Labr.
Elizabeth Single 18 Dom. Servant
West Walter W Single 19 Middlesex Carman
Wright Laurance Married 25 Essex Labourer
Alice Married 25
Keily John Single 23 Waterford Farm Labr.
Immigrants for Invercargill
Brown James Single 25 Kincardine Farm Labr.
Gutschlay August Married 51 Germany Farm Labr.
Justine Married 64
Rae Elizabeth Single 42 Stirling
John Single 20 Labourer
Elizabeth Single 15 Dom Servant
James Child 10
Kattie Child 4
Immigrants for Marlborough
Robinson Catherine Single 30 Cornwall Gen. Servant
Immigrants for Nelson
Bevan Amos Married 45 Hereford Ag. Labr
Mary Ann Married 41
Charles Single 17 Ag. Labr.
Arthur Single 15 Ag. Labr.
Hazeldine Maria Single 28 Lancashire To husband
Sarah Child 8
Arthur Child 5
Annie Child 1
McIntyre Catherine Single 32 Derry Dom. Servant
Hazeldine Eliza A Single 32 Lancashire Weaver
John I Single 13 Collier
William Child 8
Abraham Child 4
Sarah J Child 6
James Child 1
Immigrants for Otago
Arniell Henry Single 21 Renfrew Ham Curer
Collins Josephine Child 11 Clare Orphan
Collins John Single 27 Kerry Farm Labr.
Harper Robert R Single 27 Down Farm Labr.
MacKay Alexander Single 23 Sutherland Farmer
Henrietta Single 20 Dom. Servant
Hugh Single 15 Farm Servant
Moloney Hannah Single 26 Limerick Dom. Servant
O'Connor Michael Single 23 Kerry Ag. Labr.
Thomas Single 21 Kerry
Pinnock James Married 21 Berks Labourer
Ada Married 21
Taylor Robert  Married 38 Cumberland Engineer
Annie Married 28
Toner Mary Single 24 Armagh Dom. Servant
Dillon Andrew Single 24 Galway Farm Labr.
Immigrants for Taranaki
Crockett William Married 51 Derry Labourer
Matilda Married 50
Robert Single 23
Charlotte Single 21
Rosanna Single 19
Parkin Charles Single 17 Lincolns Farm Labr.
Sudfield Heinrich Married 49 Germany Shepherd
Luise Married 47
Sutcliffe Lavinia Single 25 Lancashire Dom. Servant
Immigrants for Wellington
Andersen Anders B Single 18 Denmark Labourer
Cameron Henrietta Single 32 Inverness Housemaid
Curtis Ann Single 44 Sussex Nil
Walter G Single 16
Thomas Hy. Single 14
Fazakerley Ellen Single 33 Lancashire Cook
Gilden John Single 22 Mayo Teacher
Gill Charles Married 27 Lancashire Sawyer
Elizabeth Married 26
Elizabeth A Child 4
William I Child 2
Hussey Hannah Single 18 Kerry Dom. Servant
Mahoney Margaret Single 26 Limerick Housemaid
Johanna Single 23 Limerick Housemaid
McGill John Married 39 Antirm Farm Labr.
Rose Married 36
Denis Child 11
Patrick Child 3
McGill James Single 60 Antirm Farm Labr.
McGoughey James D Single 15 Tyrone Farmer
McMillan William Single 21 Lanarks Gardener
Murphy Daniel Single 18 Limerick Ag. Labr.
Olsen Bertha Single 37 Germany Servant
Karen Single 16
Olava Single 14
Annett Child 11
Ole Child 9
Kristen Child 5
Olsen Nora Single 27 Norway Gen. Servant
Parker Joseph Single 22 Yorks Worsted Weaver
Roddis Joseph Married 35 Yorks Weaver
Elizabeth Married 30
Alice J Child 11
Shorter Emily Single 13 Berks
Summers William Married 28 Somerset Gardener
Louisa Married 26
Eliza Child 5
Tom Child 3
William Child 1
Summers Henry D Single 15 Sussex Errand Boy
Thomson Ellen Single 15 Derry Nil
Twomey William Single 21 Limerick Farm Labr.
Waugh James Married 44 Roseburgh Shepherd
Robina Married 46
Wilhelmina Single 18
Catherine Single 15
James Single 13
Agnes Child 11
Robina Child 9
William Child 6
John H Child 4
Robert Child
Whellan Jane Single 40 Lancaster Laundress
Ellen E Child 10
John H Child 6
Jenny Child 2
Woods Mary A Single 26 Cavan Parlour Maid
Wood Charles Single 20 Cavan Farmer
Watchman Ann Single 48 Durham
Thomas Single 18 Miner
John Single 16 Miner
Frances J Single 13
Pattinson Anne Child 4
Immigrants for Westland
McLaughlin Hugh Single 20 Antirm Farm Labr.
Prendergast William Single 20 Tipperary Ag. Labr.
Single Women for Wellington
Cameron Henrietta * Single 32 Inverness Housemaid
Curtis Ann * Single 44 Sussex To husband
Fazakerley Ellen * Single 33 Lancashire Cook
Hussey Hannah * Single 18 Kerry Dom. Servt.
Mahony Margt. * Single 26 Limerick Housemaid
Johanna * Single 23 Limerick Housemaid
Olsen Nora * Single 27 Norway Cook
Self Mary Single 11 Middlesex Nil
Annie Single 9 Middlesex Nil
Henry Single 5 Middlesex Nil
Shorter Emily * Single 13 Berkshire Nil
Thomson Ellen * Single 15 Donegal Nil
Whisselle Mary A Single 25 Surrey Clerk
Woods Mary A * Single 26 Cavan Parlour Maid
Farrow Mrs. E Single 40 Middlesex Matron
* these names are also mentioned in the list of Immigrants to Wellington.
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