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The RUAHINE departed London on 20 August, 1896 and arrived in Wellington, via Plymouth, Teneriffe, Capetown and Hobart, on 10 October, 1896, with Captain John E Bone in command.



Transcribed from the Star, 15 September 1896, Page 2



The following is a list of the passengers booked per the New Zealand Shipping Company's R.M.S. Ruahine up to August 8. The steamer sailed from Plymouth on August 22, and is due at Wellington on Oct. 5:-


Mr. R. Burrowes,

Miss Burrowes,

Mr. and Mrs. G. Kettlewell,

Mr. and Mrs. T. Knight,

Mr. H. F. Milnes,

Mr. F. J. Bay,

Miss H. Hegarty,

Mr. T. S. Preston,

Miss Preston,

Mr. and Mrs. T. Clark,

Messrs H. and F. C. Clark,

Misses Clark (2),

Rev and Mrs. Marshall,

Miss D. C. Marshall,

Mrs. Stewart and maid,

Mr. W. Hendry,

Mrs. Vaughan,

Miss D. M. Vaughan,

Mrs. Davies,

Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Stephens,

Captain Cradock,

Mr. G. H. Dodd,

Miss A. Davison,

Mr. and Mrs. R    . H. Mackenzie,

Miss Mackenzie,

Messrs W. C. and H. H. Mackenzie,

Miss K. C. Musters,

Miss French,

Mr. A. Helps,

Miss Treadgold,

Mr. R. Hargrave,

Mrs. Moore,

Mr. Lambert,

Miss Wooldridge,

Mr. McCutchan,

Misses Royal (2),

Mrs. Joyce,

Mr. J. Booth,

Miss J. Dixon,

Mr. and Mrs. J. Hallam,

Mrs. and Miss Tufvesen,

Mr. H. Hope,

Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Long,

Misses Long (3),

Master Long,

Miss A. Connor,

Mr. R. Black,

Miss Black,

Messrs H. H. and H. A. Ward,

Mrs. Horton,

Mr. J. Young,

Miss Young,

Mr. Wightman,

Mr. W. J. Pond,

Mr. and Mrs. Darrack,

Mr. Rowbottom,

Mr. G. Smith,

Rev Jamieson and family (7),

Mr. W. Dawson,

Mr. H. Schofield,

Mr. J. Power,

Mr. W. McRoberts,

Mr. W. R. Cocker,

Mr. M. H. Slater,

Mr. G. Bray,

Miss Williamson,

Mr. E. Steel,

Mr. and Mrs. W. Scott,

Mrs. Black,

Masters Black (2),

Miss J. Black,

Miss N. O'Brien.


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