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The RUAHINE departed from London on 27 June, 1893 and arrived in Auckland on 14 August, 1893, via Plymouth, Teneriffe, Capetown and Hobart. Captain John Bone was in command.



Transcribed from the Auckland Star, 14 August 1893, Page 2



Ruahine, s.s., Bone, R.N.R., from London, via Plymouth, Teneriffe, Capetown, and Hobart.




First salon:


Miss N. Baldwin

Miss K. G. Bowen

Mr H. F. Briggs

Miss A. Emmet

Mrs A W. Gellatley, Miss A. Gellatley, Miss H. Gellatley

Mr J. A. Gilruth

Miss H. B. Gossett

Miss E. M. Gray

Mr W. Gray

Mr A. Hart

Mr A. Harbrodb

Mr G. R. Hewit

Mrs W. A. Howard, Miss F. M. Howard

Miss M. Hyde

Bishop of Christchurch, Mrs Julius, Miss M. E. Julius, Miss A. E. Julius

Miss E. Kirke

Miss E. Melish

Mr J. R. Morris

Mr E. E. De T. Peters

Mr J. G. Peters

Mr H. G. Seth-Smith

Mr P. Stanley-Hill

Mr J. Studholme, junr.


Second saloon:


Miss M. O. Adams

Miss K. R. Adams

Mr H. Bagshaw

Mr E. Barwell

Mr H. Barwell

Mr N. G. Beaumont

Miss M. E. Boothroyd

Miss A. Boothroyd

Mr W. H. Budd

Mr A. Clarke

Mr H. Collinson

Mr W. Courtney

Mrs E. Crouch

Mr W. Delaney, Mrs Delaney

Mr E. H. Drew

Miss T. Dyer

Mr C. A. Fairlie

Mr S. E. Fogwell

Mr H. F. Gelsow

Mr T. C. Gill

Mr F. Hose

Mr C. A. Hudson

Mrs F. Kemp

Mr S. Liebert

Mr J. J. Neave

Mr H. Noble, Mrs Noble

Mrs E. Penny

Miss M. Phillips

Miss Princep

Mr G. Puhlmann

Col. C. Ralph

Mr H. E. Richardson

Mr E. Roberts

Mr T. Ryan

Miss L. Schreck

Mr H. Sloan

Mrs B. Vecht, Miss B. Vecht, Master M. Vecht, Miss F. Vecht, Miss C. Vecht, Miss N. Vecht, Miss D. Vecht, Master J. Vecht

Mrs C. R. Warren, Miss C. M. Warren, Miss L. E. Warren, Miss F. M. Warren

Miss Wootton

Miss B. Wright




Mr W. Boothman

Mr F. Buckley

Miss E. Buttler

Mr G. Clark

Mr J. Craig

Miss E. J. Finney

Mr F. Fulton

Mr R. Graham, Mrs R. Graham

Mr W. L. Hawkes

Mr P. E. Hawley, Mr T. Hawley, Mr W. J. Hawley

Miss A. C. M. Holliday

Mr J. Irvin, Mrs J. Jrvin, Miss A. L. Irvin

Miss A. Kean

Mr J. R. Kerruish

Mr J. K. Kerruish

Miss A. Law

Mr A. Litherland

Miss S. C. Logan

Mr J. Ostler

Mr R. T. Pownall

Mr J. Ridd

Mr A. Ridd

Miss A. Sanders

Mrs M. Sheldon, Master F. W. Sheldon

Mrs C. M. Whitton

Mr R. H. Wright


and 101 in the steerage



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