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The RIMUTAKA departed London on 26 May, 1893 and arrived in Port Chalmers, via Plymouth, Teneriffe, Capetown & Hobart, on 15 July, 1893, with Captain Herbert Edward Greenstreet in command.


Transcribed from the Otago Daily Times, 15 July 1893, Page 1


Rimutaka, R.M.S., 4174 tons, Greenstreet, from London (May 26), via Teneriffe (June 1). Cape Town (June 19), and Hobart (July 10). New Zealand Shipping Company, agents.

Passengers -

For Dunedin:


Miss A. L. Cockrane, Messrs A. Cockrane, R. Cockrane

Second cabin-

Miss A. H. McNeil


Mesdames Campbell, Noble

Miss Stewart

Messrs Campbell (3), J. Hoskin, J. Noble, J. Sterling, A. Stewart, R. Stewart, C. Smith

Miss Jessie Noble

For Timaru:


Mrs Roberts

Messrs C. Roberts. W. Roberts

For Lyttelton:

Second cabin-

Mesdames Fowler, Kimbell, Yeandle

Misses Fowler (2)

Messrs H. Fowler, B. Fowler, W. Grummett, E. W. Pidgeon,Yeandle


Mesdames Edmunds, Grant

Misses Grant (2)

Messrs J. D. Edmunds, W. Grant, F. Jones, W Whiteside

For Wellington:


Mrs Handyside, MrHandyside

Second cabin-

Mr F. A. Miskin


Misses Saxby, Noble, Nicol (2)

Mrs Nicol

Messrs H. Cook, Neilson, Nicol (3), Lamgan, Haworth, Craig

For Nelson:


Misses Ledger, Beardmore (2)

Mrs Beardmore

Messrs J. Beardmore, A. Beardmore

For Wanganui:


Mrs and Miss Peake, Mr Peake

For New Plymouth:


Mesdames White, G. H. White, T. L. White, Misses E. Summerfleld, White (4)

Messrs White (4), E. Martin, J. Watson, W. Webb, S. Webb

For Westport:


Miss Bull, Mrs Rae, Mr Rae

For Auckland:


Messrs F. G. Radcliffe, Davidson

Second cabin-

Miss Knight

Messrs A. L. McLean, G. Martin, Captain S. L. Norris


Mrs and Miss Anderson

Messrs Anderson, McPhillips, W. Hoon


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