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The RIMUTAKA departed London on 8 November 1893 and arrived in Wellington via, Plymouth, Teneriffe, Capetown and Hobart, on 29 December 1893. Captain Herbert E Greenstreet was in command.



Transcribed from Evening Post, Friday, 29 December 1893.



The s.s. Rimutaka left Plymouth at 4.30 pm on 11th November, and arrived at Teneriffe at 11.30 pm on 16th; coaled, and left next evening at 6.30; crossed the Equator on 24th, and reached Capetown at 12.30 am on 4th December; coaled, and moved on again at 8.30 same evening, arriving at Hobart at 4.30 pm on 23rd: left at 10 am on 24th, and anchored in the stream at 12.15 this morning; was inspected by the Health Officer, and berthed at the Quean's Wharf shortly after 8 am. The weather has been generally fine, and the health of all on board satisfactory. The usual amusements were held during the voyage. She brings 2600 tons of cargo for New Zealand, of which 1400 tons are for Wellington. The Rimutaka is expected to sail for Lyttelton on Sunday morning, returning to this port, and making Wellington her final port of departure for Home.


Following is a list of her passengers:—




Misses - Eastwood, Wheeler, Nevill,


Mesdames - Connor, Chandless, Dallyn, Hall, Malet,  


Rev W. Connor,


Captain Bridges,


Messrs - Van der Byl (2), G. Hall, B. Adams, Creed (2), Howlett, F. de C. Malet, L. Marshall, J. Richards, D. Steel, J. S. Wright, A. Whitson;


Second saloon—


Misses - W. Fisher, Browning, Carr, Connell, Corbett, Drew, Coward(3), Donnelly, Evans (2), Gorman, Gulland, Hay (2), Hopkinson, Millar, Reeves, Spencer, Way (2), Watkiss,


Mesdames - Buchanan, Dalgleish and boy, Evans, Fisher, Goldsmith, Harper, Lennon, Jago, Kidd, Nettlefold and family (4), Towsey, Way and boy,


Rev C. C. Harper,


Messrs - Barnard, W. Carter, A. G. Fisher, G. Goldsmith, Green (2), J. Henry, P. Hunter, T. Ireland, L. Kelly, H. Low, H. Lennon, G. Merewether, W. Millar, A. Morris, A. Morrison, J. Mountford, W. Nettlefold, W. Nunnelley, G. Plumstead, W. Rogers, F. Spencer, C. Towsey, Small, R. Hood, C. Waller, H. Wood­ward;




Misses - Henley (6), Crofts,


Mesdames - Allardyce, Crofts, Hawkins, Thomson, Henly, Lytle,


Messrs - S. Allardyce, Crofts (2), R. Davison, E. Evans, J. Foster, Thomson, J. Lytle, G. Hodges, W. Jones, Henly (3), G. Tremain, R. Walton,


Masters - Henley (3);


97 steerage.




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