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The RIMUTAKA departed LONDON on 12 November 1891 and arrived in Wellington, via Plymouth, Teneriffe, Capetown & Hobart, on 28 December 1891, with Captain E. A. Findlay in command.



Transcribed from Evening Post, Tuesday, 29 December, 1891, Page 2.



The N.Z.S. Co.'s R.M.S. Rimutaka, Captain Findlay, left Plymouth on the 14th November, at 5.15 pm, having on board 134 passengers, viz., 35 saloon, 40 second saloon, and 50 steerage, 245 bags mails, and a full cargo. Experienced rough weather across the Bay until passing Finisterre, after which had smooth water to Teneriffe, reached at 1.15 pm on 10th November. Here Captain Greenstreet, who had brought the vessel from London, was relieved by Captain E. A. Findlay, of the Ruapehu. Captain Greenstreet remained to take charge of the company's new steamer Ruahine. After having disembarked 12 passengers and coaled, departed at 11.15 pm for the Cape, where anchor was dropped on 5th December at 3.30 pm. Crossed the Equator on 32nd November, and on 24th passed some very large water spouts. The weather was fine until within three days of the Cape, then heavy seas. Left Capetown on the 5th December at 11.20 pm, and thence had a splendid run of 17d 17h 49m to Hobart, arriving there at 2.45 am on 24th. Passed through the group of the Crozet Islands, and the weather being fine and clear passengers saw them to advantage. After landing 40 passengers and discharging 200 tons of cargo at Hobart started for Wellington at 3.15 am, arriving at 2.15 pm yesterday. The actual time of voyage being 13d 9h 34m. The usual amusements have taken place during the voyage.


Following is a list of her passengers:—


For Wel­lington:


Mesdames - Williams, Millar and Findlay

Messrs - F. Arkwright, F. Burnley, H. and E. Page, Williams and Millar;

Second saloon—

Misses - Gibbons and Sims,

Mrs. Tregner and family,

Rev. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey

Messrs - T. Cornish and W. McDowall;


Misses - Brice and Edwards,

Mrs. Jensen

Messrs - Doeg, Johnson, Varley, Lindstrom, Lofgren, McDairmid, McGibbon, Phillpotts, Stubbs and Willeston.

For other ports:


Misses - Pullen-Burry and Webb (3)

Mesdames - Hutchison and A. de Mollett, Drs Owen and Frankish,

Messrs - J. Smith, W. Shepherd, R. Warner, C. Wilson and Webb.

Second saloon—

Misses - Willis, Chapman, McOwen, Milton, Stenhouse, Beacham and O’Dwyer,

Mesdames - Milton, Harford and Bingham,

Hon. O. Townsend

Messrs - Furness. Washbourne, Mercer, Temple, Taylor, Ewen (2), Dalrymple, Burchell, Milton, Lucy, and Master Swain;

29 steerage


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