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The RIMUTAKA departed Plymouth on 30th May, 1896 and arrived in Wellington on 17 July, 1896, via Teneriffe, Capetown and Hobart. Captain Herbert Edward Greenstreet was in command.


Transcribed from the Evening Post of Saturday, 18th July, 1896.



The Rimutaka left Plymouth on 30th May, and arrived at Teneriffe on 4th June at noon; landed passengers and coaled ship, and left for Capetown at 9 pm same day, dropping anchor in Table Bay on the 22nd at 6 pm; landed passengers, received mails and passengers, and left for Hobart at noon on the 23rd; arrived at Hobart at 9 am on the 12th instant, and having landed 26 passengers, dis-charged J50 tons cargo, and coaled ship, left for Wellington at 9 am next day; had moderate to fresh westerly winds to 163deg E., and from thence to Cape Farewell fresh westerly gale, with fierce squalls and high sea; passed the Spit at 1.40 pm yesterday, and arrived in harbour at 11.30 last night, being berthed at the Queen's Wharf at 8.30 this morning. The voyage was uneventful. Some small ice was seen 44deg 50min S. and 49deg E., and a steamer steering east, and show­ing four green lights as a night signal, was passed in 47deg 10min S. and 103deg 38min E. The Rimutaka's passenger list comprised 125 persons, of whom 75 were for New Zealand. The vessel's cargo has already been published. She leaves on Monday evening for Lyttelton. A small quantity of cargo will be taken on board here, and the re­mainder will he sent on to Lyttelton by coastal steamers. Her passenger list is as follows:-


Saloon for Wellington:-


Miss Clavering


Second saloon:-


Misses - Johnson (2), Mann, Whyte, Wright,


Mrs Johnson


Messrs - Smith and Sharpe




Misses - McDonald (7),         Nicie, Young


Mesdames - McDonald, Young


Messrs - Lambourne, McDonald, Nicie,Tarte, Williams, Young (2)


Masters - McDonald (3)


Saloon for other ports:-


Messrs - Smith, Sutton, Brown


Second class:-


Misses - Holder, Farquhar, Lovell, Cuthill (2)


Mesdames - Blackburn, Ivens, Holder, Farquhar, Cuthill


Messrs - Blackburn, Pendlebury, Holder, Case, Ellis, Greenhill, Lovell, Christopher, Jefferson, Cuthill, Sunniard, Leslie


Masters - Cuthill (2);


18 stowage



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