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Transcribed from the Otago Daily Times of Monday, 13th January, 1890.




The R.M S. Rimutaka, from Plymouth, via Capetown and Hobart, reached the Heads early yesterday morning, and anchored until 6 p.m. yesterday, when she crossed the bar under the charge of Pilot Paton, and steamed up the harbour, berthing at the George street pier at 7.15 p.m., having been previously cleared, and her mails were at once landed and conveyed to Dunedin by special train.


The Rimutaka on the present voyage is taking up the Coptic's running owing to the accident to the latter vessel at Rio. She is still under the command of Captain Greenstreet, who brings with him the following officers:- Mr G. Scrubby, chief; Mr J. W. Croucher, second; Mr T. S. Weston, third; Mr F. Winchester, fourth; chief engineer, Mr D. M. Dallas; and Mr W. H. Pitcher second; surgeon, Dr H. E. Owen. Mr C. Dean still occupies his old position as purser, and to which gentleman we are indebted for the report of the passage, from which we gather that on leaving Plymouth she had on board 294 tons of cargo and 165 passengers, of whom 56 were saloon, 63 second cabin, and 46 steerage. Of these 43 were landed at Hobart, 19 are for Otago, 26 for Lyttelton, 35 for Wellington, 22 for Auckland, and 11 for other ports. She also brought seven bags and two packets of mails, and 33 boxes of parcels post. Of her cargo 156 tons were landed at Hobart, 400 tons being for Dunedin, 258 tons for Lyttelton, 72 for Wellington, and 416 tons for transhipment. The passage has been accomplished in 41d 10h 55m, deducting stoppages 1d 10h 50m, making the total steaming time 40d 5m; the average speed being 13.14 knots, the best day's run being 350 miles. Fine weather has been experienced, and the passage has been a most enjoyable one, as soon after leaving Teneriffe the saloon passengers formed an amuse­ments committee to cater for the entertainment of the rest of the passengers. Since then there has been a continuous run of concerts, theatrical, dances, sports, &c, all of which were great successes, and tended considerably to liven what otherwise might have been a rather monotonous voyage. On Christmas Day the children were all on tip-toe of expectation, having been told of a Christmas tree which was to be given that evening. All the saloon passengers spent their short stay on shore at Cape­town in making purchases for the tree, and so generously had they done so that there were two presents and a packet of sweets for each child. After the Christmas tree they had snapdragon, which was a surprise they had not anticipated. If nobody else remembers the Christmas of 1889, there is little doubt but what the children will do so. After the children's entertain­ment a dance was given on the saloon deck, thus making a pleasant ending to the day. On New Year's Eve a theatrical entertain­ment, entitled ''My Turn Next," was given, after which the saloon was cleared and the old year danced out. About two minutes before midnight struck everybody joined hands (saloon and second saloon) and sung "Auld lang syne," and thus was the new year ushered in. On the night previous to arriving at Hobart a nigger entertainment was given in the saloon, which was probably the great success of the voyage.


She left the Albert docks at 5.10 p.m. on November 28, and anchored at Gravesend until 7.30 a.m. on the 29th. When she got under weigh, when, owing to the very thick fog, she again anchored at 9 a.m. off Chaplin's light until 7 30 a.m. on the 30th, when the fog lifted and another start was made, arriving at Plymouth at 6.40 a.m. on December 1. After em­barking mails and passengers, she left again at 11 a.m. same day, with a moderate  S.E. breeze and fine   weather, followed by 15, to N.E. winds with fine weather to arrival at Teneriffe at 11 p m. on December 5. After taking in a supply of coal, she proceeded on her voyage at 1 p.m, on December 6. Had light N.E. trades, and crossed the equator in long. 9 W. on December 12; had light to moderate S.E. trades to within 600 miles of Capetown, when strong winds set in to arrival at Cape­town at 3 p.m. on December 21; left again at 7.55 p.m; had fresh to strong S.W. winds till passing the Crozet Islands at 8 30 a.m. on December 26; thence she had strong S.W. to W. and N.W. winds to arrival at Hobart at 1 p.m. on January 8; dis­charged cargo, coaled, and left again at 4 a.m. on the 9th inst.; carried fresh N.W. and northerly winds with fine weather until off Foveaux Strait; had moderate westerly wind through the strait with thick weather; passed Dog Island at midnight on the 11th; and arrived off the heads early yesterday morning, steaming into port as above.


Rimutaka. R.M.S., 4474 tons, Greenstreet, from Plymouth (December 1), via Capetown (December 21) and Hobart (January 9). New Zealand Shipping Company, agents. 




For Dunedin: Saloon - General Mangles, Miss Mangles; Second cabin - Messrs L Duquesne, F Johnson; Steerage - Mrs P Gerry, Misses R Hambly, Newnham, L Ross, Messrs P Hamer, W Hambly. S Camps, J Hood, H Keys, W Ayres, A Elliott. 


For Lyttelton: Saloon – Miss E JBullock, Mr and Mrs Elworthy and family, Mr J Y M Hayhurst, Master W A Izard; Second cabin - Mr and Mrs Campbell, Mr and Mrs Macdonald, Misses Macdonald, Ward, E Pidgeon, Master Pidgeon, Messrs Story, J Thomson, W Ward, R R Ward, E H Barber, G Morgan.


For Wellington: Saloon - Mr and Mrs FC Rowe, Mr and Mrs Anderson, Master Andersen, Mr and Mrs Brownlee, Miss J B Smith, Brownlee, E J Ogg, Messrs D Downes, Forman, J M Bell, M Moore, Lloyd, Dr A F Tyrrell; Second cabin - Mr and Mrs Reading, Miss and Master Reading, Mr and Mrs Fitzgerald and family, Miss James, Sergeant-major Gunn, Mrs Gunn, Messrs H P Lance, P A Margesson, R F Godwin; Steerage - Messrs H Chisholm, C Judge, W Millar, Kydar (2), G Coats, J  Collins.


For Napier: Saloon - Mrs Randle, Mr T S Tiffen; Second cabin - Mr E Howse.


For Greymouth: Steerage – Mrs and Master .Jenkins, Mr Wood.


For Nelson: Steerage - Mr A Bird.


For New Plymouth: Mrs H Anton, Mr W Anton.


For Oamaru: Steerage - Mrs Ross, Mr H Ross.


For Auckland: Saloon - Mr and Mrs Marshall, Mr and Mrs Payton and child, Miss E Rollinson, Mrs Copeland, Rev. F L Green, Messrs Lord, A Byrne, Currie, E W Gurr; Second cabin - Miss F Power, Messrs E Sandeman, A Simpson, L Fitzsimmons; Steerage - Miss F Haywood, Mr T Lees, Mr and Mrs Redfern, Mrs Jenkins and son.



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