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The RIMUTAKA departed London on 25th June, 1898 and arrived in Wellington on 14 August, 1898, via Plymouth, Madeira, St. Vincent, Capetown and Hobart. Captain Herbert Edward Greenstreet was in command.


Transcribed from the Evening Post of Monday, 15th August, 1898.



At 12.30 pm yesterday the New Zealand Shipping Co's direct liner Rimutaka, Captain Greenstreet, from London, Plymouth, Madeira, St Vincent, Capetown, and Hobart, anchored in the stream. The investigations of the Health Officer (Dr James) were satisfactory, which enabled Wellington and southern passengers and parcel post mails to be brought ashore in the Duco soon afterwards. Of the voyage, MrTosswill, second officer, reports as follows:- The steamer left Plymouth at 1.30 pm on 25th June, and crossing the Bay of Biscay encountered a westerly wind, with heavy westerly swell. Reached Madeira at 10 pm on 29th. coaled ship, and pushed on for St Vincent at 11.45 am next day. Fine weather and light north-easterly trades prevailed until arrival at Porto Grand (St Vincent) on 4th July at 1 am. Took in a supply of bunker coal, and resumed the voyage to Cape­town at 11.25 am same day. The north-east trades were light until 16th, when they gradually in­creased into a moderate gale, with very high head sea, which continued until arrival in Table Bay at 7 am on 20th. Left again at 1.18 pm, and experi­enced variable winds until the longitude of the Crozets, when strong continuous south-west winds were met with, accompanied by frequent snow-storms, exceptionally cold weather prevailing across the Southern Ocean. Mewstone was passed at 1am on 9th August, and Hobart reached at 9.30 am the same day. After landing passengers, mails, and 250 tons cargo the steamer proceeded to Wellington, experiencing southerly and south-westerly winds across the Tasman Sea, and heavy southerly gale in the Strait on Sunday running, with thick weather. The voyage throughout was of an uneventful character. Amusements and games were improvised for the enjoyment of passengers.

Captain Greenstreet has the following officers associated with him this voyage:- Chief, Mr Kiddle; second, Mr Tosswill; third, Mr Davis; fourth, Mr Ryley; chief engineer, Mr Waring; second, Mr Gray; third, Mr Lewis (replacing Mr Scott); fourth, Mr Breden (fifth last voyage); fifth, Mr Phillips; chief refrigerating engineer, Mr Halford; second,Mr Allison (who succeeds Mr Phelps); electrician, Mr Barry; steward-in-charge, Mr McMaster. Mr Page, who was surgeon of the Mataura when she was wrecked in the Straits of Magellan, is now on the Rimutaka.


Her passengers for Wellington were:


Saloon:- Misses Brown, Symons, Mr Krull


Second saloon:-


Misses - Cameron, Rolle,Walpolo (3)


Mesdames - Rolle, Walpole


Messrs - Rolle, Walpole, Stewart


Masters - Rolle, Walpole




Miss Moore


Mesdames - Moore, Price


Messrs - Barber, Ebbutt, Greenwood, Howard, Mather, Potter, Price, May, Raven, Wood.



For other ports:- 2 - saloon, 20 - second saloon, 23 - steerage.


After taking in 200 tons coal the Rimutaka got under way for Auckland at 8.15 this morning.



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