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The RANGOON departed London, on 26 November, 1863, and arrived in Napier 23 July, 1864, with Captain Pearman in command.


Transcribed from the Hawke's Bay Herald for 2 March, 1864.



ASHTON - James & wife; Edward, Mary Ann, John, Helen, Catherine, James, William, Henry

BEE - George & wife; Helen, Frank, Betsey, Mary, Ann

BROUGH - Peter & wife; Mary, Ann

CRERAR - Alexander & wife; Alexander, Peter, Christina, Catherine, Robert

ELLIOTT - J R W & wife;

GREGORY - Elizabeth; Frank, Henry; adult, E Pottinger

MCKAY - Charles & wife; Jane, Alexander

MCLEOD - David & wife; Mary, Janet

O’DONNELL - Francis & wife; William, Gwen, Fanny; adult, Charles

WATT - Samuel & wife; James, Nancy, Mary Ann, Samuel, Ann Jane – all adults; Samuel


Single Women

Callary, Ann;

Carter, Ann;

Chase, Elizabeth;

Connell, Elizabeth;

Corke, Phaebe;

Flanagan, Mary;

Gibson, Ann;

McNaught, Eliza & Mary Ann;

McWilliam, Isabella;

Pirie, Jane;

Scott, Sarah;

Scrymgeour, Mary;

Shaw, Jane;

Smith, Alice;

Walters, Sarah (matron);

Whale, Hannah & Eliza;

Wheeler, Sarah


Single Men

Bristow, Henry G;

Catemuch, John;

Dickson, James;

Flanagan, Michael;

Flanders, Benjamin;

Goldsmith, Richard;

Grey, George;

Higgins, Laurence;

Langley, John;

Livingstone, John;

Maloney, Michael;

Mantle, Benjamin;

McIntyre, James;

McKay, Thomas;

McNaughton, Duncan;

Menzies, John;

Oatham, Cornelius;

Peebles, Alexander;

Scrymgeour, Alexander;

Stewart, Archibald,

Andrew, James & Thomas;

Turnbull, David;

Vickers, William




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