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The OXFORD sailed from Gravesend 3 December 1881 and arrived in Auckland
10 March 1882. The voyage took 98 days with Captain Braddock in command.


Douglas, Mr

Galbraith, Miss

Galbraith, George

Galbraith, J Miss

King, Rev

King, Mrs

King, Constance

King, Harold

Langstaff, Dr.

2nd Cabin

Kemp, C Mr

Sargeant, C Mrs

Sargeant, Catherine

Sargeant, Frederick


Clarke, Miss

Clemence, Edward

Deans, James

Deans, Margaret

Ganderton, Charles

Ganderton, Ellen

Ganderton, Fred

Ganderton, George

Ganderton, Harriet

Ganderton, William

Harris, Arnold

Harris, E Mrs

Harris, Ethel

Harris, Florence

Haris, Gertrude

Harris, Herbert

Harris, Leonard

Harris, Mabel

Harris, Oliver

Harris, Stanley

Harris, W P Mr

Helps, A

Jenkins, Harry

Leonard, John

Schumacher, Miss

Schumacher, Christina

Smith, Mr

Smith, Henry

Stahan, William

Walters, Martha

Walters, William

Woodward, Mrs

Woodward, Edith

Woodward, Elizabeth

Woodward, William