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The OTAKI departed London on 11 September, 1878 and arrived in Wellington on 10 December, 1878. Captain H Devitt was in command.


Transcribed from the Evening Post, 10 December 1878, Page 2



The numbers of the New Zealand Shipping Company's clipper ship Otaki, 1,041 tons, Capt. H. Devitt, were run up at Mount Victoria at 7 o'clock this morning, and a telegram from the pilot station at 10 informed us she was then four miles off, and Pilot Holmes had boarded her at 8 am. The Otaki is reported as having left London on the 11th September, which thus gives her a passage of 90 days. She has beaten the Corina (left London 20th August), Alexa (left 22nd August), and Hermione (left 30th August). The Otaki will beat in this evening, and is to be berthed at the wharf at once. There are no Government immigrants on board. A telegram from the pilot station said the ship was close up to the Heads, and preparing to beat in at 2pm.

The following is a list of her passengers:-


Mr. G. C. Ellis

Mrs. Ellis

Master J. M. Ellis

Mr. W. P. Brown

Mrs. A. G. Brown

Master E. Brown

Master A. Brown

Mr. A. Bonner

Mrs. Emma Bonner

Mr. R. Walker

Mrs. C. Walker

Miss C. Walker

Miss L. Walker

Master J. Walker

Mr. W. H. W. Haines

Mrs. Haines

Miss Elizabeth Patterson

Miss Edith Brown

Mrs. Watt

Master H. Watt

Master A. Watt


Second Cabin—

J. Roark

A. H. Pearson

Philip Grichy

Mary Grichy

Helena Grichy

M. Longney

Edward Newland

Clara Newland

Alex. G. Clark

J. H. Reynolds

Thomas Lane

Wm. Bethwaite



Alfred T. Fauvel

Henry Braddock

F. L. Platt

Richard Brandon

Frank Hood

Anthony Bousfield

Thomas White

Michael Lowery

Margaret Lowery

John Winchester

Catherine Winchester

John Winchester

Thomas McMillan

Mary McMillan

Eva McMillan

Elizabeth McMillan

Ada McMillan

William McMillan

Thomas McMillan

Gertrude McMillan

Miss Robertson

T. Hopkins


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