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The MYSTERY departed London on 18th October, 1861 and arrived in Lyttelton on 7th January, 1862, with Captain H Stapp in command.



Transcribed from the "Lyttelton Times" for Wednesday, 8 January, 1862.




The above ship, with immigrants, arrived yesterday afternoon, having made a remarkably quick passage. She sighted the coast of New Zealand in 79 days from the date of her departure from England, and entered Lyttelton on the 80th, making one of the smartest passages yet recorded from London to Lyttelton. She landed a portion of the Government immigrants yesterday, all ofwhom are in good health. Itwill be remembered that the Mystery visited this port about two years and a half ago, with immigrants. Captain Matthews, who then commanded her, has since died at Hong Kong. Her present commander, who was then chief officer, must be congra­tulated on the success of his first voyage. The Surgeon Superintendent has also visited this port before in the same capacity on board the Westminster. The deaths of two infants are recorded.


The following account of the voyage has been handed us by one of the passengers:- The ship Mystery, 1074 tons register, 1800 tons burthen, H.Stap, master, left Gravesend on the 19th October, with 280 passengers, and on the 21st the pilot left her off the Start; on the 24th and 25th she was becalmed, still on soundings; she entered the tropics on the 4th November, and on the 6th passed the Island of San Antonio. On the 9th spoke an American whaler, receiving oranges and bananas in exchange for newspapers; the mate took charge of a mail for England, which would be forwarded by first ship. On the 15th November 17 ships were in sight in the morning, in long. 27 ° 13’ and in the course of the day all but one tacked and stood to the eastward; the wind being S.S.W. Captain Stap held on the westerly course and on the 17th crossed the line about 11 a.m. in 32° 28’. The following day the ship was visited by Neptune and Amphitrite, and seven sailors who had not before crossed the line were duly shaved. Throughout the week the ship held on at an average speed of 10 knots, crossing the tropic on the evening of November 23, and the meridian of the Cape of Good Hope the 8th December; passing the Snares at eight a.m. on the 4th January, 74½ days from leaving land, having traversed 14,760 miles in that time, making the average rate of 8¾ knots. On the coast of New Zealand, calms and contrary winds checked her way, but she dropped anchor off Lyttelton, on 7th January, at two p.m. Only 2 deaths occurred on the voyage, both infants, one in the chief cabin, and the other among the emigrants. The weather was generally fine, but very cold from the Cape to N. Z.; winds moderate, but on New Year's day it blew a gale, and a heavy sea pooping the ship, carried both life boats away.



The following is a list of Provincial Government immigrants:-



Married Couples

HORGAN John & wife Queen's County Farm labourer

NEILL Robert & wife Armagh Farm labourer

CARTER John, wife and 5 children
Armagh Farm labourer

STEVENSON James & wife Armagh Farm labourer

Thomas, wife and 3 children

BOWIS William, wife and 4 children
Stirlingshire Ploughman

OSBURN George, wife and 3 children
Yorkshire Farm labourer

RATTRAY David, wife and 7 children
Stirlingshire Ploughman

MCCLURE David, wife and 2 children
County Down Farm labourer

MILLIGAN Hugh, wife and 2 children
Antrim Labourer

COOKE George, wife and 3 children
Armagh Farm labourer

THOMPSON Thomas & wife County Down Farm labourer

MASON Henry & wife Kent Carpenter

WALKER John, wife and 3 children
Kent Wheelwright

WALKER Richard & wife Bucks Labourer

BRADBURY William & wife Derbyshire Farm labourer

POPE George, wife and child
Yorkshire Farm labourer

SOMERSET Hugh, wife and 2 children
Antrim Farm labourer

PHILLIPS John, wife and 5 children
Essex Labourer

VOGILER Johann, wife and child
Hanover Labourer

BRYON Johnson, wife and 5 children
Yorkshire Farm labourer

MORGAN Edwin & wife Monmouthshire Farm labourer

CHERRY Thomas, wife and 2 children

MITCHELL Samuel R & wife Forfarshire Labourer

WOOLDRIDGE Henry & wife Dorsetshire Domestic servant

BRUNHOHN Heinrich, wife and child
Hanover labourer

MCLENNARD Donald & wife Cromartyshire Shepherd

DAWSON James, wife and child
Aberdeenshire Farm labourer

DONALD James, wife and 2 children
Aberdeenshire Farm labourer

CRUMP John, wife and 6 children
Gloucestershire Farm labourer

THOMPSON Peter & wife Denmark Labourer

JOBLIN George, wife and 6 children
Hants Farm labourer

FAIRCLOUGH George, wife and 2 children
Hants Farm labourer

CALDWELL John & wife Wigtonshire Joiner

Single Men

CARTER George Armagh Farm labourer

MCLEMGAIN David County Down Farm labourer

SOMERSET William James Antrim Farm labourer

CHERRY James Bedfordshire Labourer

MEHRTENS Johann Hanover Labourer

MANKE Herman Hanover Labourer

MADOLE Thomas Armagh Farm labourer



County Down Farm labourer

County Down
Farm labourer

FITZGERALD Michael County Cork Farm labourer

AHURN John County Cork Labourer

WALLER John W Sheffield Labourer

WATKINS Edwin Gloucestershire Labourer

SHAW Hanse County Down Farm labourer

HEINMAUN Friedrich Hanover Farm labourer

Hennan Hanover
Farm labourer

Heinrich Hanover
Farm labourer

RANKIN George Lanarkshire Joiner

TAYLOR William John County Down Farm labourer

BOROWS William Ayrshire Farm labourer

LAMON Thomas County Down Farm labourer

RICHARDS Simon Monmouthshire Farm labourer

ASHWORTH Abraham Lancashire Farm labourer

BALLAGH Samuel Ayrshire Farm labourer

BALLAGH Henry Aryshire Ploughman

ARDING Frederick Middlesex Cooper

TRUMBLE Marcus E Antrim Labourer

MCKINSTRY John County Down Ploughman

FOX James Norfolk Labourer

CLARK Philip Suffolk Farm labourer

BISHOP George Sussex Schoolmaster

KENNEDY John Middlesex Labourer

DILLON Edward Queen's County Farm labourer

MCCLURE Hanse County Down Farm labourer

TOON Sherard Leicestershire Farm labourer

MCCULLY Edward Armagh farm labourer

WILLIAMS  George S Cornwell Farm labourer

JOBLIN Henry Hants Farm labourer

Edward Hants
Farm labourer

Edgar Hants
Farm labourer

WEBSTER Alexander Forfarshire Blacksmith

CASTLING John William Yorkshire Farm labourer

REYNOLDS James Hants Farm labourer

FYFE David Forfarshire Farm labourer

COMPTON William Wigton Gardener

Single Women

CARTER Mary Armagh Domestic servants


RATTRAY Mary Sterlingshire Dairymaid

Christianna Sterkingshire

LYNN Martha Armagh Farm labourer

COUCHEY Annabella County Down Needlewoman

FLINT Emma Yorkshire Needlewoman

CRUMP Phoebe Gloucester Dairymaid

ADAMS Jane County Down Domestic servant

KENNEDY Mary Middlesex Domestic servant

HANNON Theresa Middlesex Domestic servant

PEARSON Mary Jane and 2 children

HUMPHRIES Mary and 4 children
County Down

PHELAN Bridget Queen's County Domestic servant

BAKER Hannah Middlesex Domestic servant

HART Jane Middlesex Dressmaker

PAYNE Maria and 5 children
Middlesex Laundress

HOULIHAN Mary Limerick

KIEFFE Ann Limerick

BYMOW Elizabeth Middlesex Domestic servant

BOWRIS Elizabeth Sterlingshire

LAWSON Elizabeth Lanarkshire Domestic servant

Annie Lanarkshire
Domestic servant

HART Mary Jane Lanarkshire Domestic servant

JOBLIN Jane and 4 children
Hants Domestic servant

LAUNDER Emily Cornwell Domestic servant

EDWARDS Isabella and child
Wilts Dairymaid

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