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The MONGOLIA departed London on 6 October, 1910 and arrived in Auckland on 23 November, 1910 with Captain C F Preston in command.


Transcribed from the Auckland Star, 23 November 1910, Page 4


Mongolia, R.M.S, 9505, C. F. Preston, R.N.R., from London, via Suez and Australia.


From London

Misses - Hartley, M. J. Shaen, V. Lloyd, McMichael, Kelsey, N. Moore, Dingle, G. Glenn, Heale, Donner, C. J. Morice, Lehany, Richmond, Couper, Cameron

Mesdames - J. Chowen, Waller, Boak, Black, Moore, Dingle, Strachan, Donner and maid, D. McLeod, M. Reynolds, A. T. Thompson, Louisson

Messrs - J. Chowen, J. Cook, A. Rolland, Waller, J. C. Buckingham, H. G. Lee, J. W. Moore, C. C. Norman, Dingle, J. A. Glenn, A. M. L. Thomson, H. M. Strachan, Donner, A. Smith, J. H. Jones, W. D. Cameron, A. T. Thompson, W. H. McHardy, C. H. Kennedy, Hon. Louisson, Master Norman.

From Fremantle

Mr. W. McDermott

From Sydney

Misses - Rich, Pritchard, Johnson, Rudd, Turner

Mesdames - Twigg, Whitmore, Preston, F. G. Sale, C. W. Smith, Stroud, Cuthbert, W. Turner, Toose, C. Reardon, G. S. Hall, L. M. Turner, Nurse Watson

Messrs - W. Duncan, J. Todd, D. Donovan, A. G. Lunn, L. S. Benjamin, F. J. Smith, Whitmore-Preston. C. W. Smith, F. J. Dignan, Smith, E. X. Knox, Wills-Allen, R. K. Clarke, E. Tremway, F. Lefeuvre, W. Robertson, D. Khane, W. Turner, R. C. Thomson, Villeveuve, D. Clark, H. T. Toose, P. Ferguson, F. Keenan, G. S. Hall, D, Watterson, Hon, F. E. Winchcombe, Capts. H. L. Grainger and Cuthbert


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