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The MERSEY departed London on 22 February, 1861 and arrived in Auckland on 10 June, 1861, with Captain Duncan Smith in command.


Transcribed from the Daily Southern Cross, 11 June 1861, Page 2.  


The barque Mersey, Captain Smith, arrived here on Sunday evening at 5 o'clock, from London, bringing with her 87 passengers and a general cargo. She parted from the pilot off the Isle of Wight, on Saturday, March 24th, and experienced moderate and variable winds from the North and Easterly until the 26th, when it chopped round to the South-East and Southerly. Sighted Madeira at daylight on the 11th March, keeping to the west of that island, wind Easterly. The North-East Trades were light, but were caught a little to the South of Madeira The Mersey kept to the East of the Cape De Verdi islands, but did not sight any of the group. Crossed the Equator in 21 West Longitude the greatest westing being about 29. In 1 13' North Latitude fell in with the South-East trade, and had a continuance of Southerly and South-Easterly winds thenceforward. On Friday, June 7, at noon, sighted Cape Maria Van Diemen, to the North, distance about 25 miles and in the evening sighted the Three Kings at a considerable distance, keeping close to the main land. Was abreast of the North Cape, at 8 p.m., and sighted Cape Brett on Saturday morning last at 6 o'clock. The Mersey then beat up against a head wind, as far as the Little Barrier, which was passed at midnight and continued beating till the anchorage was fetched at 5 pm., on Sunday evening. There was the death of one child on board there was also a birth during the passage. The voyage was most successful, there being a continuance of fine and favourable winds throughout. She was 109 days from Gravesend, and 105 days from the Isle of Wight.

The following is a list of the passengers:-

Hugh, Eliza, John, Hugh, Lizzie, Frederick, Arthur, Huzzie, Richard, George, Ambrose, and Edw. Morrow

Captain James

Mrs. Elizabeth and Dorothy Stewart

Capt. Gorton

Richard, Mary, Mary, Louis, and Margaret Sankey

Alfred Rayner

Amelia Apthorpe

Thomas, Elizabeth, Charles, Lucy, Kitty, George, and Percy Spencer

Sarah Holyland

Capt. Russel

Washington Travers

George Herbert

H. Lillycrapp

Henry Cooper

Thomas Cooper

Charlotte G., and Lydia G. Law

Emily Brock

Walter and Harriet Crapp

George T. and Mrs. Boldero

Benjamin Gilbert

John A. Johnson

Sarah Black

Betson, Amelia, and Walter Lawson

John, Agnes, Isabella, Humphrey, and Agnes Sharp

Alexander, Margaret, Sarah, and Sarah Lamb

George and Mary Atkins

Thos. Hogston

Dennies Cannavan

Adino, Jane, Jane H., Emily, Laura K., Florence, and John Boughton

Mark, Jane, and Sidney Rawlins

Andrew, Isabella, and Isabella Merar

Flora, James, Thomas, George, Margaret, Sarah, and Jane Scott

John S. Crowe

John Giftney

Maria Leak

Harry, Johanna, Harry, Anne, Laura, Elizabeth, and Nelly Canham

Peter, Mrs. Rebecca, David, and Agnes Mackie

Richard Todd

James Turner

Jeremiah Ward

Michael Milligan

Thomas O'Connor

John Newell

John Barry


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