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The MATATUA departed London on 5 October, 1910, and arrived in Auckland on 22 November, 1910, with Captain L B Gillman in command.


Transcribed from the Auckland Star, 22 November 1910, Page 4



The Shaw, Savill and Albion Company's steamer Matatua, from London direct, was reported on the coast this morning, and was expected to arrive about 3.30 o'clock this afternoon. The Matatua has 3900 tons of cargo and the following passengers for Auckland:

Misses - A. Shotton, H. Bone, A. Hugo, R. Leese, M. Leese, L. McMaster, D. Marshall, D. Miller, E. Miller, H. Miller, C. Munro, R. Munro, M. Munro, J. Patterson, D. Pockney, E. Randall, E. Rudge

Mesdames - Gowan, A. Hardwick, M. Leese, Marshall and boys, Mellors, F. Miller, C. Munro and boy, Pockney, J. Shotton, E. Wood

Messrs - A. Bankhead, J. Brade, R. Brade, R. Bradley, F. Buchan, J. Champion, W. Conning, J. Cummack, A. Davis, W. Dudgeon, E. Edwards, A. Edwards, D. Forth, A. Gibbings, J. Gowan, A. Hatfield and 2 boys, T. Hesketh, J. Keller, C. Lee, R. Leslie, L. McDonall, J. Marshall, P. Mellors, A. Mepham, V. Mepham, E. Miller, J. Milne, G. Mitchell, C. Newton, R. Orton, W. Parker, H. Potvine, T. Robbins, S. Roberts, J. Ropper, A. Rudge, S. Smith, F. Sutton, A. Taylor, R. Thomas, J. Walker, W. Walton, N. Webster, J. Westworth, B. Wrigley, J. Young.


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