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The MAORI sailed from London on 18 October 1868 and arrived at Auckland on 17 February 1869
under the command of Captain Roberts.


Mrs Alicia A Thomand three daughters

Henry L Braddon

George Rundell

Miss Rundell

Miss Mary Thom

Mrs Ward

Mr W W Tabb

Second Cabin

Mr Thomas Reid

Thomas Henry

Richard L Sherlock

Mr Amos Suty

Mrs Hannah Suty

Mr Walter de Burgh

Mr David Hawthorne

Mr Benjamin Leggett

Anne Leggett

Arthur Leggett

Anne Leggett

Emma Leggett

Henry Roach

A Roach

John Morrisson

Sarah Morrisson

Hugh Morrisson

Mr Adam Baird

Mr Joseph Sadler

Richard Barnaby

Charles Barnaby

John Durham