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The MAORI departed London on 5 October, 1867 and arrived in Auckland on 5 February, 1868, with Captain D F Roberts in command.


Transcribed from Daily Southern Cross, 6 February 1868, Page 1




Mr. D. F. Brett

Mr. and Mrs. Charles French and child

Mrs. L. J. Brookfield

Mrs. Mary Ridings

Mrs. Wallington

Mr. C. F. Hulme

Miss Jane Hulme

Miss M. R. Hulme

Mr. Arthur Lumell

Mr. B. O. Waddy

Mr. D. T. Roberts

Miss Sarah Courtney



Peter and Janet Miller

James Martin

Mary McGarrack

Rebecca M. Colgan

Richard J. Colgan

Wm. H. Dodds

Richard Godley

William Fraser

H. P. Hornbrock

Charles W. Albrina

James Albrina

Henry Sanders

Marion Allen

John Dennerley

Mrs Ryland

Pearson Davison

Thomas Waters

Emma and Willie Waters

Martin Rowe

James Muir

Jane Muir

William, Elizabeth, Emily C, John C, Henry C, Richard C Reynolds

Thomas and Mary E. Morgan

Thomas Wilkinson

Henry Harrison

William and Edward Rensey

Mrs. Rebecca Mack

Charles Watty

Nugent and Ernest J Hargreaves

John Paterson

Hugh and Mrs. Hogarth

Frederick Dodderneade

Oliver Ryall

Thomas Davison

Margaret Wotherspoon

Mary A. Corley

William Faull

Charles Gribble

Harriet Jones

Mrs. J. Russell

James, Jane, William, Louisa, Mary, J., and Dora Dymond

Mrs. W., Alexander, Hugh, and William Forrest

William Ford

Margaret Ford

Jane Sutherland

George L. Mills

Mrs. John, James, Caroline, and Edward Wykes

George, Susan, William, George, Harry, and Frank Blott

David, Mrs. Alexander, Margaret Christina, Jane, David, Margery, James, and Georgina Bell

William McDougall

Mary A. Nesbit

Robert Keown

Mary A., Joseph, and Edward King

William J. Speight

Patrick Keary

John Milne

Joseph and Charles E. Smith

The following are the trades and occupations of the immigrants:- 14 farmers, 6 labourers, 6 servants, 1 butcher, 1 engraver, 3 carpenters, 1 sailmaker, 1 mason, 2 clerks, 1 draper, 1 surveyor, 1 smith, 1 chemist, 1 shoemaker, 1 fireman, 1 engine-fitter, 1 cabinet-maker, 1 builder, 3 housewives, 2 farm servants, 1 dressmaker, 1 soldier; 8 are described as gentlemen, 3 spinsters, and 7 ladies.

Total, 72 English, 18 Scotch, 22 Irish, and 1 foreigner - 113; equal to 100 statute adults.

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