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The MANDARIN sailed from Gravesend on 18 June, 1843 and arrived at Auckland
on the 14 November, 1843, under the command of Captain T Smith.

This is a list of the 'Parkhurst Boys' on this voyage.

ADAMS  Thomas  17 carpenter

ALLEN  George  16 tailor and cooper

BASSAN  Henry  16 bricklayer and tailor

BEALES  William  18 carpenter

BINNIE  Alexander  19 tailor

COTTERELL  John  17 tailor

DAY  Thomas  18 tailor

DENMAN  William  15 tailor

EGGERTON  Isaac  17 cooper and shoemaker

FARRELL  John  16 cooper and shoemaker

GOULBUFIN  Thomas  18 carpenter

GRIFFITHS  James  17 carpenter and shoemaker

HERMITAGE  John  16 carpenter

HILL  Robert  17 sayer and shoemaker

HUNTLY  Walter  16 bricklayer

INCHIE  James  19 cooper

LAMB  Michael  16 bricklayer and shoemaker

LAY  George  20 carpenter

LYNCH  John  17 carpenter

NEIL  Charles  16 shoemaker

ORGAN  Richard  16 plumber and glazier

PARKER  Vlhlliam  12 tailor

PATON  William  19 bricklayer

ROSE  Edwin  17 farmer

SHAW  John  17 shoemaker

SMITH  Joseph  18 plasterer and bricklayer

SMITH  William  16 farmer

WALLER  Alfred  15 carpenter

WEST  William  16 bricklayer and tailor

WILLIAMS  Joseph  17 cooper

WILSON  George  16 shoemaker


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