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The MANAPOURI departed Melbourne and arrived in Auckland

on 14 November, 1883.



Transcribed from the Auckland Star, Wednesday, 14 November 1883, Page 3



Arrival of the Manapouri.


The s.s. Manapouri arrived at 3 p.m. We are indebted to Mr. L. C. Miller, purser, for Press parcels, etc., and the following list of passengers:-

From Melbourne:

Mr. Fosse

Mrs. Fredericks

Mr. and Mrs. Thaites and family (4)

Miss Lockett

Mr. G. D. Hay

Mr. A. Buchanan


From Coast:

Mr. Browning

Mr. H. B. Monkman

Mrs. Jackson

Mr. Thomas McKenzie

Captain Lloyd

Miss Andrews

Mr. E. W. Elliott

Mr. and Mrs. Boyd

Mr. Colbeck

Mr. E. H. Hardy

Mrs. Whitaker and family (3)

Mr. Gulliver

Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Orr and family

Master Heather

Master E. Martell

Mr. and Mrs. Rich

Mr. Jamieson

Mr. Hardy

Mrs. Barker

Mr. MacGibbon

Mr. John Marshall

Mr. Halworthy

Mr. Rintel

Mr. Cook

Miss Pearson

Mr. and Mrs. McNeish

Mrs. Storey

Miss Wilson

Mr. Kent

Miss McNeish

Mr. and Mrs. Hind

Mr. Robinson

Mr. Shadwell

Mr. Gray

Mr. Birkett

Mr. McNeish

Mr. E. J. Smith

Mr. Shakespear

Mr. J. Wood

Mr. Parkinson

Mr. and Mrs. Tricke

Mr. C. Storey

Mr. and Mrs. Brooker

Mr. T. F. McDonogh

Mr. and Mrs. Aldis

Mr. H. Winkleman

Miss Hill

Mr. J. G. Browne

Mr. Evans

Miss Aldis

Miss Dienneson

Mrs. Beresford

Mr. L. Steel

Mr. Aldis

Mr. M. W. Grant

Miss Hamond

Mr. B. Tretzan

Mr. Lesley

Mr. Adams

Miss Kelly

Mrs. Bushwell

Mr. Wi Pere

Mrs. Te Kani Pere

Miss Asmstrong

Mr. Mark

Mr. Boylan

and 131 in the steerage


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