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The LOCH URR departed London on 19 August, 1881 and arrived in Auckland on 15 December, 1881, with Captain J Murdock in command.


Transcribed from the Auckland Star, 15 December 1881, Page 2



The barque Loch Urr, now long overdue from London, was signalled from Mount Victoria Station at noon today, and came up the harbour during the afternoon.

Passengers: John Derecourt, Jane Derecourt, Thomas Derecourt, Frederick Derecourt, Harry Derecourt, John Derecourt, Ernest Derecourt, Herbert Green, Ellen Green, Beatrice Green, Edward J. Smith, John Lock, Mary McMurray, Margaret McMurray, Margaret Byrne, Michael Byrne, Sarah Swindails, Emily Swindails, Herbert Swindails, and Noah Swindails.

Report: Left London August 19, took in 50 tons powder at Gravesend, and was towed to Downs on 20th; there anchored; wind strong from S.W. got under-weight on 23rd; wind light from S.E.; got down to Beach Head, when wind shifted to S.W. with rain, and increased to a gale, which continued until 1st Sept.; cleared Lizards on 2nd; wind light from S.N.E.; sighted Madeira 7th; experienced hard winds to 14th, when trades were entered; crossed the Equator on 5th, in long 23 deg W. Got S.E. trades on 10th; carried them till 21st October. On 24th, encountered a heavy gale from E.S.E., which lasted for two days. Rounded Cape of Good Hope on November 6th, in lat. 42 S. Run easterly down in parallel of 44. Wind Steady. On 26th November, had a heavy gale Off Lewin, from N.E., and ran before it to 47 degs S. Rounded Tasmania on December 4th. Had moderate wind from E.N.E. and N.E. Off Mount Egmont on Sunday, the 11th. Rounded North Cape on 13th, in company with May Queen, from London for Tauranga. She wished to be reported as well. Passed Poor Knights at 6 p.m. on 11th, and arrived as above. Passengers and crew all well.



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