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The JESSIE READMAN departed Gravesend on 27 June, 1879 and arrived in Auckland on 26 September, 1879, with Captain Gibson in command.


Transcribed from the Auckland Star, 26 August 1879, Page 2


Messrs Shaw, Savill, and Co's. ship Jessie Readman, Captain Gibson, sailed from Gravesend for Auckland on June 27. She passed Deal on the same day, and was off Forbay on the 30th. The following is a list of her passengers:

Saloon -

Hugh Nisbett

John Rodgers

Mrs. Rodgers

John Batkin


Second Cabin -

Andrew F Gray

Samuel Darton

Mary Darton

Charles H. Osmond

John G. Osmond

Richard Gutteridge

Thomas Green

Robert Symes

Mr. Hall

John Graham

W. T. Acock

H. C. Geedes

J. Thornton

Mrs. M. Thornton

Austin Thornton

Osmond Thornton

Joseph Thornton

Arthur Horne

Adolph Addsrard


Steerage -

Esther Bedingfield

Emma Bedingfield

Laura Bedingfield

Douglas Bedingfield

Augustus Bedingfield

Ernest Bedingfield

Regd. Bedingfield

Percy Bedingfield

Patrick Malonhuey

John Coultin

Eliza Coultin

John Kave

George Cook

William Steel

William E. Wigg

James Quin

Edmund Quin

John Quin

Mary Quin

Bridget Broyer

Thomas E. McElroy

Sarah F. McElroy

Frances Mary McElroy

Thomas McElroy

William McElroy

Arthur W. Laws

John Castleman

Philip Wright

Joseph Wright

Baptiste Wright

John Latham

James Broc

James Cleghorn

Thomas Brown

James Begg

Robert S. Barry

Margaret Barry

Catherine Barry

Christina Barry

Walter Barry

Mary Barry

Annie Barry

Alexander Barry

Samuel Barry

Margaret Barry

John Anderson

Thomas Underdown

John Coombe

Mary Coombe

Sml. Howard

W. H. Jones

Bessie Jones

John Mitchell

Mary Jane Mitchell

William Atkinson

Mrs. Atkinson

S. A. Mitge

Gabriel Hedley

Hannah Hedley

Mary Hedley

Jos. W. Hedley

Adw. Hedley

Thomas Hedley

Thomas. T. Anderson

Margaret Anderson

John Haigh

Jos. Smith

Benjamin Smith

Nicholas Petry

Archd. Miller

Edward Bell

Margaret Bell

John Bell

George Bell

Maggie Bell

Emily Bell

Franklin Bell

Joe C. Pratt

Edwd. Bullock

Mrs. Thoms

Chas. Thoms

Frederick Thoms

Michael McSherry

William S. Hampson

Frederick G. Pratt

J. E. Dickenson

Sugden Smith

Frederick Chilcott

Hans Maasen

James Cochrane

Matthew Patterson

William Comerford

B. McAdam

Robert Irving

Hy. Edwards

Bridget Edwards

Samuel Jones

Edward Bach

John Olliphant

Thomas Nixon

F. C. Whittaker

William Cain

John Dane

Thomas Noonan

John Jackson

Laurence Hayes

Mrs. H. Hayes

Hannah Hayes

Martha Hayes

William S. Hayes

Andrew Brooks

Margaret Brooks

Jemima Brooks

Andrew Brooks

Anne Brooks

Margaret Brooks

Sarah Brooks

John Brooks

Maurice Barnett

G. F. Airey

Samuel Baldwin

Mr. Veal

Matthew Steed

Catharine Steed

Thomas Steed

Sarah Steed

Martha Steed

William Laing

Mary Laing

Polly Laing

Jack Laing

Arthur Laing

Ernest Laing

James Smith

William Baltitude

Benj. Henry Price

J. W. Hardie

Wm. McNamara


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