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The IONIC departed London on 9 August, 1894 and arrived in Wellington, via Capetown and Hobart, on 23 September, 1894. Captain Lindsay was in command.


Transcribed from the Evening Post, 24 September 1894, Page 2



The Shaw, Savill, and Albion Company's s.s. Ionic, from London, via Plymouth, Teneriffe, Capetown, and Hobart, arrived in harbour at 6.37 last night. She left Plymouth at 4.55 pm on the 11th August, anchored off Teneriffe at 5.12 am on the 18th, and left again at 0.30 pm for the Cape. The weather from Teneriffe to the Equator was fine, with the exception of one day's heavy rain, and the sea was smooth. The Equator was reached about 3 pm on 22nd August, and the Cape at 7.35 am on 31st August. After landing and embarking passengers, she left at 3.51 pm same day. After rounding Cape of Good Hope she fell in with a strong westerly wind and very confused sea, which continued for two days, when the wind gradually changed to E. and N.E., with high head sea, till 6th September, in longitude 50deg E. From thence for four days experienced very fine weather, after that, till longitude 130deg, met with a succession of gales and strong breezes, principally from the north, with hard squalls and very heavy rain. A heavy beam sea was running incessantly, causing the ship to roll and lurch heavily at times. The morning of the 17th turned out fine, and the weather continued so until arrival at Hobart at 5.42 am on the 19th. After landing passengers and mails and 295 tons of general cargo, left at 6.54 pm same day for Wellington; during the passage experienced very fine and clear weather and smooth sea, the wind being from the northward, but on approaching Cook Strait the wind freshened from the east, and a fresh breeze was encountered all the way through, Farewell Spit was abeam at 9.48 am yesterday. The Brothers was passed at 4.5 pm, and she arrived here as above. The following is her passenger list:-

For Wellington:-

Saloon -

Misses: Martin, Winkley

Mesdames: Barton, Macdougall, Dr Dawson

Messrs: Barton, Dixon, Macdougall, Martin, Wilmott, Macdonald

Steerage -

Misses: Andrews, Burn, Deslandes, Murray, Northcote (2),Nuss, Tubb

Mesdames: Andrews, Murray, Burn, Powell, Woodman

Messrs: Andrews, Bird, Cameron, Cooper, Edelsten, Grossman, Murray, Powell, Picot, Vella, Perry, Lawrence

For other ports:-

Saloon -

Misses: Boniton, Temple, Tabart, Penton (3), Jarvis, Debenham, Evans, Horton (2), Hutton, lnman (3), Thomson

Mesdames: Boulton, Josling, Lance, Thomson, Wyman, Penton, Hutton, Horton, Wignall, Mason

Sir John Hall,

Messrs: Robinson, Wyman, Penton, Horton (2), lnman, Pyefinch, Benn, Lawson, Logan, Slater, Roberts, Williams, Atkinson, Lepper, Mason, Smythe, Squire, Nelson

Master Penton

Steerage -

Misses: Taylor, Clack, Allen, Foy, Martin (2), Pope, Robinson, Smith, Murphy, Ross

Mesdames: Andrews, Lawson, Morris, Allen, Smith, Holt, Rowney and infant

Messrs: Chinnery, Morris, Johansen, Taylor (2), Greenwood, Reynolds, Cole, Edmunds, Gough. Humphreys, Moriarty, Schaw, Lawes. Ashford, Shelly, Miller, Anderson, Farrelly, Holt, Lincham, McCabe, Courname, Nixon,Rowney, Ryder, Walsh

Masters Holt (2).

The Ionic lands 1600 tons of cargo at this port, and sails on Thursday for Lyttelton, probably returning to Wellington and making it her final port of departure for Home.


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