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The IONIC departed London 2 September 1892 and arrived in Wellington on 18 October, 1892.
Captain William H Kidley was in command.


Transcribed from the Evening Post, 18 October, 1892, Page 2.


The SS & A. Co.'s ss Ionic, from London via- Capetown and Hobart, arrived in harbour this morning, at 9.30. On being inspected by the Health Officer, it was found that a family by the name of Alexander - steerage passengers for Auckland were suffering from scarlet fever. All precautions were at once taken. The family were removed to the Quarantine Station, and the vessel fumigated. The voyage was otherwise uneventful. The steamer was berthed at the Queen's Wharf this afternoon. Following are the names of her passengers:-

For Wellington:


Misses Francis, Cameron and maid

Mesdames Mackay, Francis, Cameron and boy

Messrs C. Francis, Spencer, F. Gaddum and B. H. Wilson

Second saloon

Misses Coombs, E. Horwood, C, F. and A. Nelson

Mesdames Coombs and Nelson

Messrs Bramwell, J. Engol, R. Blackley, E. Cunningham, A. McWilliam, and Rev J. Nelson


Misses Watson, Biggins and M. Kennedy

Mrs Gregory

Messrs D. T Smith and John Stable

For other ports:


Misses Delautour, Haynes and Milne

Mesdames Dennison, Greig, Johnson, Wright, Hill and boy, Dr Wright

Messrs Bailey, L. Cuff, G. Dennison, Greig, Haynes, Hill (2), Horwood, Johnson, Kettlewell, Milnes, Parker, Boucher (2) and boy

Second saloon

Misses Alford, Anderson, Boyle, Dodds (2), Greig, Hunt (2) Lucy and Wilson,

Mesdames Anderson, Hunt, Lucy, Smith, Wilson and boy

Messrs Absolom, P. Alford and wife, H. T. Hunt, T. Lucy, R. Melhuish, M Morgan, J. Smith, John Wilks, and D. Wilson

43 steerage

The following are from Hobart:-


For Wellington

Dr and Mrs Murray

Mrs Grice, and Messrs Grice (2)

For Auckland -

Misses Surtees and Adams


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