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The IONIC departed London on 5 May, 1890 and arrived in Port Chalmers, via Plymouth, Teneriffe, Capetown and Hobart, on 30 June, 1890.



Transcribed from the Otago Daily Times, 1 July, 1890, Page 1



Ionic, R.M.S., 4753 tons, Kidley, from Plymouth (May 17), via Teneriffe (May 22), Cape Town (June 7), and Hobart (June 26.) Dalgety and Co. (Limited), agents.




For Dunedin:


Mr Brett


Second saloon-

Mrs Spraggon

Misses H Spraggon, L Spraggon, M Spraggon, V Spraggon

Master P Spraggon

Mr and Mrs Beedham



Mr J Mackin

Messrs - W Goss, J Hawthorn, V M Gimpsey, P Russell, M Phillips, W G Marr


For the Bluff:


Mr S McFarlane


For Lyttelton:

Second saloon-

Miss M Edwards

Messrs I May, R O Cameron



Misses E Dent, I Langley, E Langley

Messrs G Dent, J Dent, N Driscoll


For Wellington:

Second saloon-

Misses M Butler, N Power



Mr, Mrs, Miss, and Master Glackin

Mr and Mrs J Hewitson

Miss Hewitson

Mr and Mrs Wilson and 3 children

Messsrs G Wood, A Herd


For Nelson:

Second saloon-

Miss E Pothecary



Mr T O Davies


For Napier:

Second saloon-

Mrs and Miss Tonkin

Master Tonkin (2)

Mr G L Gardiner


For Auckland:


Miss Hay Chapman

Mr J Hay Chapman

Colonel Carre


Second saloon-

Messrs G Bruce, J Nicholson



Messrs J Henderson, A Henderson, J Russell


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