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The IONIC departed Gravesend on 21 September, 1883 and arrived in Wellington on 8 November, 1883. Captain Parsall was in command.



Transcribed from the Otago Daily Times, Tuesday, 6 November 1883, Page 2



Per New Zealand Shipping Company's steamer lonic, from London (September 20), for Wellington and Canterbury, N.Z.:




Mr Browning

Mrs McDougall

Mr and Mrs John Reid

Mr Andrews

Dr Cook

Miss Harland

Mr Harland

Mr and Mrs Sealy

Misses Taylor (2)

Mr Pitts

Mr Taylor

Mr Barden Smith

Mr and Mrs C Warboys and daughter

Mr L Abraham

Mr and Mrs M Gardiner and family

Mrs Rushton

Miss E J Rushton

Mr Ernest B Smith

Mr and Mrs W Nuttall and family

Mr and Mrs H B Sealy and son

Mr and Mrs F Fricke

Mr and Mrs R B Tetley and child

Mr Wm Edmett

Mr Basil N Lane

Mr and Mrs J M Wilkinson and son

Mr aud Mrs R Brooke

Mr John Leitch

Miss Hector

Mr Robert Silk

Miss B McDonald

Mr R D Atkinson

Miss E von Lenderfeld

Miss Annie Browning

Miss Helen Browning

Mr James N Insull

Mr and Mrs McLeod and family

Miss Harriet H Hubert

Miss N von Willer

Mrs C Culliford

Mr R H Leary

Mr Frederick Carr

Mr Frank Hyams

Mr Ernest Ponsford

Professor and Mrs W S Aldis and family


Second saloon:-


Mr G Mullin

Mr W Mullin

Mr Edgar Baker

Miss Pearson

Miss Steven

Miss Drewe

Mrs Burgess

Miss Jeffries

Miss S A Jeffries

Mr John Tombleson

Mr Thos Harland

Mr W Short

Mr F Parkinson

Mr G O Smith

Mr J Wood

Mr C Shoosmith

Mr A McGilvray

Mr Wm Lidstone

Miss M Quinn

Miss A Quinn

Mrs Cheek

Mrs Ruth and infant

Mr W H Stretton

Mr T G Welch

Mr Geo Harrison

Mr Jno Harrison

Mr and Mrs A Hird

Mr E Shakespear

Mr H B Kent

Mr R McLennan

Mr J D C Sutherland

Mr J L Shadwell

Mr W F Robinson

Mrs E Pillar

Mr W J Richardson

Mr A McNeil

Mr D McNeil

Mr J Graham

Mr and Mrs F E Jeffery

Mr and MrsMcNeish and daughter

Mr and Mrs Trims and family

Miss T Cambridge

Mr and Mrs R Hatchwell

Mr and Mrs F Hudson

Mr and Mrs Gough

Mr E S Baker

Mr and Mrs Mullin and family

Mr and Mrs B Kent and family

Mrs Sainsbury and family

Mr John Thorpe

Mr William Robinson

Mr Thomas J Stables

Miss R Watson

Mr H Leary

Mr John Turner

Mr L Stickney

Mr and Mrs R Hind

Mrs Giles

Mr W C S Gray

Miss M A Campbell

Mr J Barlow

Mrs Leech and child

Mr J Harrison

Mr G Harrison

Miss M Paul and infant

Mr and Mrs T Quinn and family

Miss C McNeill

Mr C Birkett

Mr and Mrs W Powell and family

Miss A Dawson

Miss C J Groves

Mr G Ager

Mr H Cooke


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