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The IDA ZiEGLER departed London on the 17th August, 1862 and arrived in Auckland on Friday,
26th November, 1862, with Captain A Reynolds in command. 

Transcribed from the Daily Southern Cross, for Saturday, 22 November, 1862, Page 3.


The favourite clipper ship 'Ida Ziegler' Captain A. Reynolds, fetched her anchorage in the harbour at noon yesterday, after
one of her usually rapid passages from England. She was signalled at 4.30 p.m. on Thursday, arrived at 6.30; and Captain
Burgess boarded her off Tiri at eleven p.m., working her up all night with light winds. Brought up at seven a.m. yesterday, off
the Rough buoy, on account of ebb tide and calm, and got underweigh again at eleven, running up with a fresh sea breeze.
The 'Ida Ziegler' left the docks on the 17th August, and Plymouth on the 24th, experiencing light winds and fine weather down
the channel. Kept to the westward of Madeira and Cape de Verds, without sighting them. Experienced favourable N E trades,
which were caught in 31° north, carrying on the ship to 9° 40' N. Caught the S. E. trades in 4° north Crossed the Equator on
the 18th September, in 27° west. Met with a detention in the south east trades by experiencing a severe south-west gale in
20° 20' south and 28° west. The gale lasted two days. The weather cleared up on the 29th September. On the 28th 
September, sighted the island of Trinidad. After this gale had a succession of fine weather to the meridian of the Cape, which
was passed in 40° south on the 13th October. The weather was unsettled from thence to the Tasmanian coast. Encountered
a teriffic gale on the 30th October, in 44° south and 44° south and 94° east, shipping heavy seas, staving all the skylights in,
and washing away the quarter boat. This gale lasted thirty-six hours. The easting was run down between the parallels of 44°
and 45°. Sighted the south-east cape of Tasmania on Tuesday, 11th November, at one pm, distant about thirty miles. From
thence to near the New Zealand coast experienced fine weather, with northerly winds. The wind chopped round to the south-
west within a day's sail of the Three Kings. Sighted the Three Kings at 10 a.m on the 18th. Passed the North Cape a few
hours afterwards, and run up the coast with light and variable winds, making the passage from port to port in eighty-eight
days. Curious enough the mail steamer, containing English papers announcing the departure of the 'Ida Ziegler' from Plymouth, 
steamed past that ship when running up the harbour. The ship is in clean and creditable condition, and is sufficient evidence of
the attention of her commander and officers. The general health of the passengers was good. There were two births on board
the passengers speak highly of Captain Reynold's conduct on the voyage. The following testimonial was presented to him
before entering the harbour —

To CAPTAIN A. Reynolds Sir— We the undersigned passengers of the 'Ida Ziegler' now on the eve of completing her voyage
to New Zealand, feel that we cannot separate from you without an acknowledgment of our obligation to you. Your untiring
attention to the duties of your command, and your uniform kindness to us as passengers, and concern for our comfort, render
such an expression no less your due, than it is a pleasure to us to convey it. Our best wishes will ever attend you. May you be
favoured with many and prosperous years as a commander in the British merchant service.
(Signed) Geo. Buttle, Miss Newman, H. W. Buttle, Arthur Pittar, Emma Wilson, John Hodgson, John Davey,
James Richardson, Mrs. Richardson, D. Richardson, Emma Lysnar, H. A. Isaacs, M. A. Preston, Thomas Gerrones. 
November 21st, 1862. 

The following is an analysis of trades and professions of the passengers a list of which is subjoined; farmers 24;
 carpenters 3; bakers 2; merchant 1; labourers 2; waterman 1; civil engineer 1; wheelwright 1; clerks 3; wuith 1; 
gardeners 2; plumber 1; chemist 1; clergyman 1



Gerrones Thomas

Mrs. Elizabeth 

Wm L. 



Doblein Henry 


Roose Mrs. Anne 

Knott William 

Mrs Mary 

Kneebone Caleb 

Mrs. Anna


Spurge Joseph 

Opil John 

Williams James 

Riddle Philip 

Rush James 


Porter William 

Brund James 

Mary E 

Cotton John 

Isaacs Abraham 

Davey John 

Preston Matthew 

Mrs. Mary Jane



Decker Lydia

Williams Elizabeth



Hodson John

Wilson Mrs Emma 

Alender Jean 

Dodd James

Mrs. Jane and infant

Sharman Thomas M 

McFarlane Robert

Mrs. Dorothia


Edgar J

Robert S

Charles W

Stevenson David 

Mrs. Ellen M

Elizabeth M


William E

Torrens John 

James A. H

E. M. Ellison

Graham John

Moore Samuel 

Taylor John 

Mrs. Maria


Alice Maud

King William 

Mrs. Alice

Mary Alice

Evans Arthur N

Melville Margaret 


Thompson James 


Torrens Robert 

Laving Felt 

Maine James 





Williams Rice 

Mrs. Susan

William W

Mason William

Mason George

Ritchie Hugh

McIntire William

Montgomery Patrick

Skelton John

Hucklebridge Thomas

Dauble Albert

Oldroyd William

Walters George

Tiplady Frederick

Morris James

Hogden John

Dakin Daniel 


Cabin - 

Richardson James

Richardson Janet

Richardson David

Lysnar Miss

Buttle Rev. George 

Buttle Whitable Newman

Buttle William D

Buttle Robert Newman

Buttle Henry

Buttle George Alfred

Buttle Joseph Newman

Buttle James

Buttle Benjiman Watson

Watson Hannah

Hubbins Ellen

Parker James

Pittar Arthur

Swift Captain

Law Captain

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