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The HOWRAH departed London on 29 July, 1876 and arrived in Wellington, via Nelson,
on 18 November, 1876, with Captain Greaves in command.

Transcribed from the passenger list images on the Family Search website.


Age Infant Gender County Occupation Remarks

Families and Children

BARBER Geo. H 24 A male Sulfolk Carpenter

Grace 21 A female

Elizth. E 3m I female

JOHNSTONE Laurence 40 A male Shetland Schoolmaster

Barbara 38 A female

Wm. L 15 A male

John 13 A male

Schoolmaster of Ship

Gilbert 11 C male

Elizth. 9 C female

Margt. 7 C female

Laurence 5 C male

Geo. C 4 C male

Cathe. 1 C female

James 3m I male

PROVOST Jean 32 A male France Gardener

Marie 32 A female

QUINGLEY John 40 A male Westmeath Labourer

Cathe. 34 A female

Mary A. 10 C female

DALTON Anne 16 A female Westmeath Servant

WORDSWORTH Wm. 25 A male Yorks Labourer Selected by the Emigrant

Mary A. 23 A female

& Colonists Aid Corporation

Frank 2 C male

Andrew 9m I male

TIEGLE Christian 29 A male Germany Farmer Selected by the Emigrant

Karolina 24 A female

& Colonists Aid Corporation

Lorenz 11m I female

WRIGHT Edward 30 A male Norfolk Farmer Selected by the Emigrant

Mary A. 23 A female

& Colonists Aid Corporation

WALTERS Alfred 20 A male Jersey Gardener

Emma 19 A female

BAYLIS Wm. John 26 A male Surrey Potter ??

Martha 25 A female

Elizth. 7 C female

Wm. 5 C male

Richd. 1 C male

BURGESS Henry 28 A male Glostershire Farm Labourer

Mary A 44 A female

CUTLER Mary A 17 A female Glostershire Servant

Louisa 15 A female Glostershire Servant

KIDNEY Jos. Henry 30 A male Beds Cook

Maria 30 A female

GOTT Thomas 30 A male Roscommon Farm Labourer

Ellen 28 A female

Elizth. 20 A female Roscommon Servant

MARIER Samuel 37 A male Germany Farmer

Pauline 35 A female

Single Men

JOHNSTONE Wm. S 15 A male Shetland Farmer

John 13 A male Shetland Farmer

BARRETT Stephen 22 A male Clare Farm Labourer

Bridget 20 A female Clare Servant

CAMPBELL John 33 A male Argyle Joiner

MONTGOMERY Jno. 26 A male Renfrews. Joiner

QUINN William 14 A male Kilkenny

ANTY Robt. Richd. 12 A male Middlesex
Selected by the Emigrant

& Colonists Aid Corporation
EGAN Patrick 20 A male Tipperary Ploughman

FAHY Denis 25 A male Limerick Farm Labourer

DENISON John 23 A male Dublin Labourer

BAYLIS Geo. Hy. 49 A male Surrey Blacksmith

Thomas 15 A male

Elizth. 13 A female Surrey

DONOVAN Michl. 22 A male Clare Farm Labourer

ROCKEY Alfred 20 A male Carmarthen Clerk

O'SHEA John 11 C male Waterford

James 10 C male Waterford

DWYER John 15 A male Kerry Farm Labourer

Single Women

ANTY Sarah 33 A female Middlesex Laundress Selected by the Emigrant

& Colonists Aid Corporation
CAMPBELL Mary 29 A female Down Governess

CROSS Elizth. 25 A female Warwickshire Gl. Servant

GODDARD Mary J 27 A female Middlesex Gl. Servant

HOGAN Margt. 21 A female Clare Gl. Servant

Susan 19 A female Clare Gl. Servant

JOHNSTONE Margt. 33 A female Shetland Housemaid

RYAN Margt. 22 A female Kilkenny Housemaid

TOWNSEND Susan 21 A female Middlesex Servant

INGRAM Martha 18 A female Kent Servant

STEPHENSON Mary J 30 A female Yorks Dressmaker

BLAIR Catherine 25 A female Stirling Servant

PATERSON Margt. B 18 A female Stirling Servant

EVENDEN Kate 27 A female Sussex

Robt. Henry 2 C male

HEFFERMAN Bridget 22 A female Tipperary Servant

Mary 16 A female

O'SHEA Margaret 35 A female Waterford Dressmaker

Kate 8 C female

Patrick 6 C male

Margt. 2 C female

MCNAMARA Eliza 19 A female Kerry Servant

Maggie 20 A female Kerry Servant

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